Since I’m the Singing Network Marketer, I hear music all the time; the phrase “you’ve got to have a dream” for network marketing success reminds me of a song from the great Rogers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific.

The song is “Happy Talk”, which, to which at the age of six I did a dance in a recital with a Park District program. I was in the only tutu that curved downward because my mother did not know how to put it together. I felt embarrassed because I was different. On the other hand, I felt superior because I did the steps right and many of the other girls did not. Of course, we were only six, but I took doing it right very seriously.

So, the part of the song that really resonates with me is: You’ve got to have a dream, if your don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?”. This was sung by the character Bloody Mary to her daughter Liat and Lt. Joe Cable, a very romantic couple!

But I was thinking how true that is. As a professional network marketer always keeping open for new partners, I’m wasting my time with people who don’t have a dream. Of course, they may not have a dream now. Or they may have forgotten how or even suppressed dreaming because of outside influences, being beaten down, ridiculed for dreaming, and other negative influences.

I ran across a young lady working at Target who just settled for a part time job and that was all she was doing and didn’t need anything else. It was enough to pay her bills and that was all she was looking for. Certainly, right now would not be a good time to try to work with her. She didn’t raise her hand to be a volunteer.

Maybe some day she’ll start dreaming again and then be a prospect for me or someone else who can help her go for her dream.

As we know, it takes a powerful dream to keep us going as network marketers during the difficult times. And we leaders have to help people discover or rediscover their dreams. So many of us struggle with believing that we deserve our dreams and that they can be possible.

I sometimes do, too, which is why I continue on the Wednesday Mental Cleanse calls with Mentoring for Free. I often need the moral support of other like-minded people. Another call I tune in on is the Coaches Corner Mastermind call on Saturday nights. They help me believe my dreams are possible.

Let me know if you would like information on either of these free weekly calls.

Wishing “you’ve got a dream for network marketing success,

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