At my company’s health fair I put in for a drawing and won 3 months free membership with our health club. That made me eligible for using the equipment and also for taking classes.

The only class that interests me is yoga, since it shoud be great for my lower back. Sometimes I tend to have soft tissue minor pain from an old injury that I did not treat well at first. Also, I’ll never let any doctor put me into traction again – made it worse.

I can talk more about that another time. Meanwhile I started the yoga class, which is tricky because I have to be able to align my lunch hour with the class, not always possible.

Anyway, I fit right into the class because I have been exercising all my life and did previously take a yoga class at Yoga Pura a couple miles from my house (I won that class, too). I was a bit stiff from all the stretching but it wasn’t bad. And my back did well with the exercise. I don’t know what kind of yoga it is, but, with a few modifications on my part to protect an old foot injury, I liked it.

Normally, I’m not excited about yoga – I like more active movements. I just know it’s good for me and the company was good – some of the people I’ve known at the company for a long time. And the second week-end I was invited to the instructor’s birthday party – at an Indian cuisine restaurant. I love Indian food so I went and had a great time. Definitely needed to work out after all that food.

So, we’ll see how it goes.

Wishing you a healthy lower back,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

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