I’m thankful for my mother who came to visit me.

I’m grateful for my Leila whose awesome hugs are free

And for her older sister whose research work is aides

And for her younger brother who marches to his own parades.

I’m thankful for my job that helps me pay the bills

And for my healthy products that keep me from the “ills”.

I’m grateful for my choirs for which I sing my heart out

And for my mlm company, which I knew was home from the start-out.

I’m thankful for my backyard bountiful with fruit

And for my CRV which I use to commute.

I’m delighted with my feathered SueƱo who in my neck likes to snuggle

And is always true blue, red, and green in great times and when I struggle.

I’m grateful for my boyfriend who’s also a musician

And for my synagogue where I keep up my tradition;

For my cousins in Tucson where we share Thanksgiving meal

And my MLM team which makes my success real.

I’m thankful for my talent to create melody and song

And for this great country and world to which I joyfully belong.

What are you thankful for this year?

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