Yesterday Sueño and Gracie had their annual well-check visit at the All Creatures Animal Clinic in Phoenix with Dr. Irvin Ingram avian vet and founder of the clinic.

I was slightly concerned about Sueño, as his weight and appetite seem a bit down, but his behavior has been normal.  Last year he had an infection following his big annual molt (losing feathers and replacing them with new ones.  This level of molting, which sometimes seems like he’s raining feathers, can be very stressful. 

Since he and Gracie are on the downslope of their big molt, I was concerned that he might be ill again.  But Dr. Ingram says he’s fine, which is a relief.  I did not enjoy administering the medicine in a syringe that I stuck, sometimes aimed, in his beak.  It did work and he got better.

Both birds were weighed on a scale that measures in grams and has a perch.  After Dr. Ingram checked out Gracie it was Sueño’s turn.  The doctor wrapped him in a towel to look at his beak, eyes, feathers, check out his “tummy”, and listen to his heart.  He found my main man in good shape.

After Sueño was released from the towel he faced away from me and toward the doctor who was writing some notes and Sueño spread his beautiful blue and red tail.  He fluffed his other feathers a bit and just let Dr. Ingram have it!  He chirped, squeaked, and muttered.  He definitely was telling the doctor off.  What a riot! I found that hysterical and was sorry I did not have a video recording it.

I trim the toenails of both birds myself.  While they don’t like being wrapped in a towel (I am partial to keeping my fingers), they sit on my shoulder after the experience and are calm and loving.  They certainly know the difference.  Although I must say that Gracie didn’t have the same reaction following her examination.

Back at home everyone was happy to eat supper, including me.

Wishing you every well check visit go as well as Gracie and Sueño’s,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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