Sueño and Gracie often accompany my to the bathroom as I finish getting ready for the day after breakfast. They perch on the towel bar over my bathtub, as it is easy to clean up after any “offerings” and they like to do some mutual preening.

Normally Sueño doesn’t pay attention to where his dropping goes. I have not toilet trained him.

But this morning I could hear the drop and noticed at the sound that Sueño took a quick down to see what made the noise. I thought that was really funny. I still had to clean it up before we left the room, but I keep a roll of paper towels handy. That became more convenient when I installed a paper towel holder in the commode area.

Actually, for those of you who are not familiar with pet parrots, the droppings are important to watch, because you can spot something wrong early by knowing what is normal. Certain foods, such as bright red or blue berries can change the color, so there can be some leeway.

So far so good with my feathered companions. I ought to know. I’ve been a parrot owner since 1972.

You may not want to watch the poop, but here’s hoping yours is as healthy as my bird’s, respectively, of course.

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

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