I may have lost one of the loves of my life by not de-cluttering my house and my life.

Now that I think about it, it is not just a “blue” personality thing but also a disrespect to him and especially to myself.

I hate straightening up and cleaning out partly f rom pack-rat tendencies and partly because I just hate to decide where to put something or what to do with it.

I hope I’m getting a second chance, as I’ve embarked on a massive clean-up project in my house, finally, and had to stop because the recycle bin is full for this week.  I’ll fill up some more containers for the Thursday pick-up and just distribute it among other bins on the sidewalk.  People have done that to me – I don’t care, we’re helping the environment.

All the “stuff” I have is not worth one hair of this gentleman.  What was my problem!  Clean up, clear out, the house and the mind.  As in Napoleon Hill’s  Think and Grow Rich, I must burn lots of bridges.  If I do it thoroughly enough and quickly enough, my life will look much brighter and I may have a chance to hang on to a very worthy person.

If I don’t, the fault is mine and I have to take responsibility for it.

Wishing you never get as cluttered as I have been,

Wendy Weber

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