My last post was about not letting the little things get you down.  Tomorrow my daughter Leila and I will be leaving for our network marketing team cruise.  We just had an example showing that the sun never sets on good service.

More than six weeks ago we bought a snorkeling maskand it was sent out to have her vision prescription put in, as she is far-sighted.  Well, through a series of missteps, missed communication, and the law being different in California from Arizona regarding prescriptions, her mask did not come in and we are leaving on the cruise tomorrow.

The Scuba Sciences store in Phoenix, AZ took care of things, though.  They are lending Leila a new mask of the same type we purchased.  The only thing is it won’t have her prescription.  But at least it fits – she has a small, slightly differently-shaped face.

This rather dovetails with my previous post Being a Leader Means not Letting the Little Things Get You Down.

Also, we got good customer service from the manager, which is what we in network marketing strive to do for our distributors and customers. He gave us a temporary solution.

Wishing that for you the sun never sets on good service,

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