At Mentoring for Free the first book I participated with in the Coaches Corner Mastermind Saturday nights was  Dr.  Robert Anthony’s Advanced Formula for Total Success.  This is where I first learned about the power of now for mlm success.

In this weekly get-together on the phone from around the world, we read a chapter of a book and send in lessons.  Weekly the person whose lesson we are on reads it and we discuss the lesson, we mastermind it.  Sometimes one lesson lasts the whole call and sometimes we get through a few lessons.  The phenomenal growth comes from the different points of view everyone brings and the love and support in a very safe place. I credit this call along with the Mental Cleanse call on Wednesdays to be the reason I was able to grow so much personally and leave behind the garbage I was carrying with me.

Dr. Anthony’s book in chapter 11 we learn that “nothing exists outside of the NOW. Nothing will ever happen in the future – It will happen in the Now.  When you think of the past it is stored in the mind as a former now.  And when you think about the past, when do you do it? – You do it now!  The past and the future have no realities of their own.  Their realities are “borrowed” from the now.”

This concept, this truth about now really struck me.  So when the president of my company announced that the theme of the 2008 convention was “The Power of Now” as the singing network marketer I was compelled to write a song about it and the president graciously let me perform it.  Below please find the YouTube offering.

So what do you think?

Wishing you the power of NOW for mlm success,

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