You know how different professions say they’re the best in the world?

I was watching “Circus”, a 6-part program on PBS about the Big Apple Circus, the stories of the owners, managers, performers, workers.  I really loved seeing the performances and looking backstage and in the trailers of the people involved.

At the end of the last episode the originator of the circus said:  “This is the greatest profession in the world.  We make people feel good about themselves and their world.  And the understand that they have that ability in their lives just like Sarah [dancer on the wire] has that ability in her life or Anna [acrobat on a pole held by two male performers] has it in her life, and that’s the message.”

Well, I do love the circus, but I never felt I could do any of those things in the acts.  However I think the greatest profession in the world is MLM or network marketing, if you will.


Because anyone who wants to do mlm can.  The skills are simple to learn, but not necessarily easy for people to do.  It is, after all, network marketing.  People with little education and skill can learn.  Even highly skilled professionals can learn, imagine that!  Professional sales people have the most difficulty but can learn if they unlearn the selling techniques they’ve used in the selling game.  But you don’t have to be particularly fit or brilliant by educational standards.  You don’t have to be single or married, or have kids or pets or not.

Unlike in the circus, it doesn’t matter what your age is.  For many of the circus acts people’s bodies just wear out, similar to a professional athlete.  Wow – even a professional athlete could do network marketing, with the right coachable attitude and the right coach and mentor.

According to another member of the circus we see that we can overcome our limitations.  I agree, with the proviso that we can add people to our team that are good at our weakness.  I definitely like attracting team members who are more organized and analytical than I.

But, as circus people train and have teachers for their respective acts, so, too, do network marketers train and have teachers/mentors for the most success or even for success at all.  This is something I learned from Mentoring for Free, as I had failed miserably before, so that the possibilities for my life, my dreams, sort of got stuck.  With MFF I was able to get them, and myself, unstuck, and to no small thanks to the Mental Cleanse.  I feel good about myself and what I do.  And I have fun – I like having fun.

Although I’m not flying high in the air doing somersaults to be caught by someone else on another trapeze, thought I’m not doing tricks on a loping pony, I’m not dancing on a wire, I’m having fun building a large, profitable, high retention network marketing team through education and teamwork, love, faith, persistence and action with the force from the mastermind.  Did I say fun?  Just like the circus.

Wishing you the greatest profession in the world,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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