As you can see from my last post I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather due to my own clutter. 

I’m continuing to working on uncluttering my house and am making real progress.  It feels quite good.

But I’m still struggling with my feelings.  The Mental Cleanse early call today was something I needed to be on and will be on the later call today as well.  We’re going over the 3rd chapter of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  We read the chapters every week and do our lessons and mastermind a few of them selected by our Mentoring for Free founder Michael Dlouhy out of the hundred plus he receives each week. 

Wow!  This week’s chapter is on faith.  I have long struggled with having faith and have done a lot better through the mental cleanse and learning that thoughts are things and that I control the outcome of my life.

As I have positive thoughts and let go of the past good things have happened to me.  I must have gotten off track, used excuses and procrastination to get  me into my current predicament and feelings of sadness.  Perhaps I didn’t feel I deserved order in my life.  I do now. 

The awesome lessons that were read earlier have made me feel so much better.  Yesterday is over.  The canvas of my life is clean each new day for me to write upon or color or decorate.  Or for me, it is a blank sheet of music writing paper on which I write the music of and sing my life.

Perhaps I need this break from this man that I care so much for because he does not believe in the business that I do.  He’s not overtly negative, but there is no support.  Perhaps his actions are the catalyst for me to get my butt in gear and really take control of my life.  I don’t know what will happen with him in the future, but I learn through this Mental Cleanse lesson that I have the power through creating my self-talk, creating my plan, writing it out, repeating it over and over, and having faith that what I create in my mind will work out in my life – if it is supposed to do so.

I have nothing I really need to prove to him (although an orderly house would make him and me more comfortable).  Of course, my mother will be very happy the next time she visits.  I have everything to prove to myself.  I know I can do it.  Freedom and happy occasions in my life through work and helping others is in my vision.

I stay plugged into the system because I must.  I cannot do this self-improvement journey by myself.  But I must do it for myself.  It is my life and there is only one go-round, although there can be more than one chance.

Thanks to all the support of the Mentoring for Free friends and fellow “mental cleansers”.  Special thanks to Michael and Linda Dlouhy whose brainchild is this awesome program.

The Mental Cleanse is open to everyone who needs this kind of personal growth help.  Anyone of my readers who want to sign up for it, just contact me for the details.  It’s worth the price – free.  Do you feel your life is worth 30 days?

Wishing you the benefits of the Mental Cleanse,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

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