I love going to the theatre.  I especially love going to the Phoenix Theatre, because it’s about 20 minutes from home, it’s easy to park, it’s a straight shot down 7th Street in Phoenix.  The performers are excellent and the production is usually excellent.

The “Spitfire Grill”, which we saw last night, I believe was an Arizona premier – not sure if it was a world premier, but some of my play-buddy Carol’s and my favorite local performers were in it.  For instance, Toby Yatzo and Rusty Ferracane appeared and we’ve seen them many times before – great talents.

It turned out to be a musical and it’s really fun to see something new that we knew nothing about.  The music was very good – not necessarily memorable as something from Les Miz or My Fail Lady, but still good.  Certainly worth the price of our season tickets and then some.

So if you get the chance to see it anywhere, take a chance!

Wendy Weber –  The Singing Network Marketer