Assumptions – They Can Be Dangerous

I learned years ago about assumptions – they can be dangerous to an event.  It seems that some things never change and every time I forget that, I make a false assumption and things don’t go as I expect.

All of it comes back to awareness.  Leila and her caretaker went to a dinner and service at my temple.  Leila is very loved there but people are people and sit with friends and Leila and her caretaker were left by themselves except for some hello’s.  I’ve been knows to do that myself.  So when I was finally told about that I knew how it happened – I hadn’t made the folks aware.  They were actually stunned by the realization and it will not happen again.  I will always send a message to the Rabbi and a few other people prior to any event Leila will attend and I won’t be going with her.

Reminds me of the days when Leila went to regular Girl Scout Camp sessions.  She attended the equestrian sessions.  The one year I didn’t prepare the camp director and counselors about strategies with Leila, it was hard on everyone.  After that I always did and I received glowing reports of how she did and what she taught all of them.  Leila is  gift, but her special needs sometimes requires preparation by the people around her and also for herself.

I find this with other things I do.  I cannot assume the rehab will call me when my mother goes to the hospital on an emergency basis (they didn’t) or that the hospital will (they didn’t) or that my cousin will text me when he’s told someone will call me (he didn’t).

When an event is being put together, I have learned that I cannot assume anything will be done without reports to me and checking over and over.

So, I say again, except in some math problems, assumptions can be dangerous.

Wishing everyone happy holidays and wishing you a joyous melody in your heart and harmony in your life,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer


Coming Home From Camp

July 29 2011 I went up the mountain from Phoenix to Lakeside where Leila’s Lions Camp Tatiyee is located. She’s been going there for about a week every summer for more years than I can remember – before divorce, before going to Camp Civitan. Probably a few years after she started her 10-year run at Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scout Camp Maripai – equestrian sessions.

But this one is free because the Lions Club does fundraising all year. I donate, but it makes it possible for people with limited means to go to camp – kids and adults. For some this is the only vacation they get all year. The camp is staff-heavy for the populations that come. Leila goes  to the adult mentally challenged week. They also have weeks for hearing impaired, visually impaired, multiply-challenged persons, etc.

Leila just loves to go and I enjoy retrieving her because it is a lovely trip up to the cooler mountains and get a break from the July city heat. And it’s a beautiful drive.  There are areas where we have to keep watch for elk.  Now, we’ve never seen one, but if I hit one with the car, we’re all probably totaled.

On the way home Leila told me all about the activities she did. Her friend Todd was there this year – he was absent last year because he didn’t submit his application in time and all the spots were filled. Her favorite activity is the go-karting. Leila would love to drive but will never be allowed to, so go-karting is the next best thing. She also loves to eat the kind of food she is not supposed to eat at her home for health reasons.

So we had a little rain, some sunset, and made it in time to Temple for Shabbat services. I had promised her dinner out, so we stopped at Pei Wei restaurant on the way to her house. Chinese is one of her favorites, as is Mexican food, Italian, Thai – you get the picture.

In January we will submit the camp application and medical forms for 2012 – I’m on top of it because I’d never hear the end if I didn’t submit them in time.

Wishing us years of a great coming home from camp experience,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Finding Your Focus

I was thinking about how the focus in our lives comes about. Probably most times by accident of experiences we have. Some of it comes from things that excite us in school, triggered by family events, travels, or everyday life; sometimes it is a result of something we need, read about, see, stumble into. Hopefully it is something that lights us up.

The focus of my life is a result of the birth of my daughter Leila. Since she has special needs she will always need supervision and guardianship/parental support. I love her more than words can express and enjoy being with her and seeing her joie d’vivre. Her giggle is infectious. She gives the world’s best hugs – just ask our team members and anyone she knows.

But, as with any family member with a disability or chronic illness, she also represents more work for me, paperwork, getting her to activities, overseeing her funds. She is the focus of my life. I see my job as staying as healthy as possible, so that I can see that she gets what she needs and most of what she wants and her siblings will not have to take over for a very long time.

This is not to say that I do not have other areas of focus. I am, after all, the
Singing Network Marketer and do write songs and parodies about Mentoring for Free skills and the 30 Day Mental Cleanse. I sing in choirs and perform every now and then.

I also love to cook, which is a good thing, as one of Leila’s favorite activities is eating – mine, too!

By the way, she has her own song I wrote – “You Are Leila”. Benefits of having a mom who writes music.

Wishing you all to find your focus,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer