I had my own “groundhog day” yesterday.

My newest bird, Lucky, who is a sun conure, a type of parrot,  is a lively addition to my household.  He brings the count to 3.  In the past I had as many as 4, but then I was still married and had help.

Lucky, as with most conures likes to hang out under my shirt or blouse.  He would like to be friends with my two blue-headed pionus parrots, but they have seniority – and are larger birds.

Since I only have 2 hands I can transport all three with Lucky on my head and the other 2 on my hands, or with one on my shoulder.  Another way is for Lucky to be under my shirt hanging on.

So, yesterday Lucky was under my turtleneck top, Gracie was on my left shoulder, and Sueño was traveling on my right hand as a perch.

Lucky decided to come out and peeked his head out on the left side in the front.  He saw Gracie on the spot he was going to head for, but the better part of valor led him to duck back into my top.  Our own groundhog day.


Since this is Phoenix where the weather is mostly nice this time of year, I’m not sure what this says about the season, but perhaps we’ll have at least 6 weeks more of lovely weather.

There is a song in this somewhere…

Wishing you your own advantageous “Groundhog Day”,

Wendy Weber,

Custom Song Design and still the Singing Network Marketer