Well, I did technically.  I entertained in Las Vegas last week-end.

Of course it wasn’t on a big stage.

I was at a training on Stock  Trading with Courtney Smith and a number of people who have been to T. Harve Eker’s Peak Potentials trainings.  This was not a Peak’s event, however.  Courtney knew I had written the song and invited me to perform it.

I had been to the Freedom Trader Intensive training in Los Angelos in early June and really ate up the information.  I am a mutual fund specialist but knew nothing about stock trading.  I very much saw the value in Courtney’s training.  There are techniques and ruled to follow for eventual success. 

At a Peak Potentials training there are declarations that we take home with us to say every day so that they get embedded into our subconscious.  I have been saying my Freedom Trader declarations several times a day. 

I am the Singing Network Marketer, but my songs and parodies are not limited to that subject.  I knew I was going to write one on the Freedom Trader.  A few days before this week-end event one occurred to me while I was driving in the car to choir rehearsal.  I had a lot of it written in my head.  After typing it up I took it on the plane Friday after work along with my ukulele for accompanyment.   Another couple of lines occurred to me and I added them.

Needless to say my Las Vegas appearance was a triumph.  I may never perform there again, but the memory will last a lifetime.

Taking one last bow now that I entertained in Las Vegas…

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer