There’s something to be said for online chat and texting. 

Chat is pretty much real-time communication and can be very useful, whether at work, online, through my email account, through Facebook, etc. 

Yesterday a gal in my Freedom Trader group arranged hotel  accommocations for a training we’ll be attending together.  Back and forth online to get all the info out there.  We don’t know each other but I guarantee we’ll be friends after the conference.

Later she texted me – since I was on a training call I wasn’t looking at the computer and I could text back so that we took care of the details.

You know, I resisted texting for a long time.  But my daughter’s house manager is hard to get by phone – lots of phone tagging, you’d think she’d lose weight with the effort….  Anyway she suggested the easiest way to get hold of her was by text, so I was dragged finally into the texting world.  I’m not a pro, however, I refuse to use lots of abbreviations and want to spell out most words.   I did have the foresight to get a phone that has the QWERT keyboard.  Otherwise I’d never text!

I’m not ready for the smart phones.  Someday – when I’m forced to….

So here’s to chat and texting.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer