Yesterday President Obama was in my backyard announcing a new package to bail out many home-owners.  The upshot remains to be seen, as it takes a while to develop the regulations and rules, and no one knows how well any of this will work.  That’s why I’m a great believer in hedging your bets and getting great tax savings through mlm.

A viabale home-based business can be a very good hedge against all this uncertainty, as many people still need products and services, and, one of the things I like best, tax savings.  And I can have tax savings even if I’m not making a profit, but am doing the business and the attempt to do the business.

I’m not fond of preparing my taxes, but I’m extremely fond of all the money I either get back from Uncle Sam or don’t pay in the first place.

It also helps that I use an accountant experienced with small business and network marketing in particular and I get all the deductions I’m entitled to, including ones I had no idea about.

Is this all legitimate?  Well, I’ve been audited and the person found nothing wrong with my business records and filings.  So, I guess it is.

Wishing you success through hedging your bets and getting great tax savings through MLM,

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