My daughter Leila loves participating in the Special Olymics.  Over the  years she participated in several of the events and for a long time got medals in the Equestrian events – western style.  She gave up horseback riding after 10 years.  The last time she fell of a horse she said it was enough.  She did finish the season – I required my children to come to a logical conclusion and expected no less of Leila.  And then she was done.

Now it’s time for bowling.  So, I had to get a quick visit into the doctor because the medical exam had to be within 6 months of filling out the form and her last well-check was earlier than that.  Luckily we were able to sneak in a Saturday morning appointment with our physician Jan Zieren.  Leila gave the staff the most entertainment they’d had all day and she is a very willing patient regarding blood tests. 

So the exam is done, the form turned in, and she’s ready for the next 3 years.  Vive le Special Olympics.  And thanks  Dr. Z.

Wendy Weber – The Singing Network Marketer

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