Saturday Leila and I were part of a progressive party movement.

No – I’m not talking about a new or old political party.  We actually went from party to party all day.

We started at a festive Tropic Zone in Phoenix near my house, where I board Sueño and Gracie and get much of their supplies.  Actually both birds came from there.  My two feathered companions are what we call “re-homed”.  They needed a new family and I was ready for a new parrot at the time.

Next Leila and I headed for Scuba Sciences to vote in the chili cook-off.  We both liked #1 the best of the 5 entries.  Obviously, we had to try all five and had a little cornbread supplied by the restaurant behind the club.  I didn’t see on their website who won, so I presume we’ll find out at the next club meeting.

Last but not least we traveled out to Tempe Marketplace to Dave and Busters for the company holiday gala.  We saw lots of people I knew and played games there, had dinner, not necessarily high nutrition, and was successful at winning a prize that Leila is giving to her roommate Teresa at her house holiday party this Friday.

We each won a game of air hockey – Leila really knows how to play!   And Leila got better at driving each time she tried the Datona car race game and was really paying attention.  She loves to practice driving.

So there you have it.  Wishing you all fun progressive party time –

Wendy Weber, the  Singing Network Marketer

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