When my mother and my older daughter were here during the holidays we saw the remake of True Grit with Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and a remarkable new talent Hailee SteinfeldShe played the young girl out to get her father’s killer.  She was quite articulate (there was no TV in those days to dumb down the language) and showed a sense of righteous privilege throwing around the use of her attorney Lawyer Daggett.

Mom and I then on New Year’s eve saw The King’s Speech with one of my favorites (Pride and Prejudice)  Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, and Geoffrey Rush.  This was a wonderful, interesting movie.  I was rooting for “Bertie”, the current Queen Elizabeth’s father, he and his wife’s sense of privilege that they wielded like a sword.  The speech therapist didn’t accept their terms, they had to accept his – and that was the only way the prince could be helped.

I found the sense of privilege very uncomfortable.  They don’t have to do the mundane things most of the rest of us have to do, and they seemed to think they were better than everyone else.  I did observe that they most likely put there pants and panties on one leg at at time.  Of course, I assume they both had personal dressers and maybe there is a secret that I don’t know about.

Myself, I feel privileged to be working with wonderful communities in my life, the Jewish community, the Scuba club community, and my network marketing community.  That’s the privilege to which I subscribe.

Wishing you all your own preferred privilege,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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