I went to the pre-dive trip meeting at Scuba Sciences last night to sign tons of forms – absolving the world of any liability – and getting, sort of, the lay of the land with the dive boat.  This will be my certification trip.

There is a checklist I had my instructor go over with me so that I can scrounge or acquire the items I need.  I’ll be at Scuba Sciences tomorrow to take care of the equipment I need and check it. 

It seems like a lot to do, to be aware of, to learn.  Good thing I bought a sleeping bag on sale at REI, so I have that.  I need to rent (some of it part of the class and/or trip package some eqiupment and purchase some spare parts.  I’m not eligible for night diving, so don’t need a flashlight, but might get one for any dark water.

I understand that the water around Catalina Island in California is warming up this time of year, clearly a current pattern and not a weather issue.  I’m grateful for that, but will be glad to have the wet suit I’m renting and I already have a hood and gloves.  Cold is not one of the things I love, or even like, but with proper thermal equipment I should be okay – it’s really the air coming out of the warmer water that will be problematic.

I recall growing up on the Chicago beaches on  Lake Michigan that the things we paid attention to were the air-to-water temperature differential and the way the wind was blowing.  If the top water was coming into shore the water was warmer.  If it was flowing away from shore, the water left was colder.  Little did I know this was early prep for scuba figuring.

Anyway, have to plan for long intervals between bathroom stops on the bus, being wet most of the day on the boat, eating well, and sleeping well.  

Wishing that you are prepared in all your endeavors,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer 


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