Today is Mental Cleanse day at Mentoring for Free.  Below is the lesson I sent in addressed to 3 of my mentors – Michael and Linda Dlouhy and Judi Sheehan:

I was actually introduced to the power of the mastermind concept many years ago.

I have been reading science fiction since I was little.  I was impressed by the gestalt in one story, where a few people joined together and were able to accomplish amazing things through the power of their shared thought.  I have no idea whether that meant conscious or subconscious.

It did seem, well, amazing.

Little did I know it wasn’t science fiction at all but something that can be every day and that I can be part of at will.  For instance, I am part of this mental cleanse mastermind, my team mastermind, and my company mastermind.  I was at Art Jonak’s conference and felt the power of like-minded people with a common goal of learning, growing, helping each other improve.  It was like a wave that carried me forward and upward.  It was palpable.

The power of the mastermind is unmistakable if I am open to it and contribute to it.  Full circle to the gestalt.  I am not only in the story, I am one with the story.

Thank you Michael, Linda, and Judi, and also the amazing Patti Blevins.

Love, Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Wendy Weber,

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