Birdie Ballet

As many of you know I have 2 blue-headed pionus parrots Sueño and  Gracie.  You can see Sueño on my shoulder in the blog photo.  Poinus parrots are Amazons as opposed to African or Australian parrots.

Parrots are prey animals.  This means that they are the victims of hunter animals.  So they have a built-in distrust of unfamiliar or even known things, sounds, smells, surroundings,  etc. that could harm them, as a deer would of a bear or mountain lion.

So when a parrot steps on a stick that  I would hold or onto my hand, it is a sign of great trust that I will not harm it, drop them, or move my hand away quickly as in a trick and they would fall or be off balance.  Of course, just because they have a sense of trust doesn’t mean that they will always step up when I want them to do so.  They have a mind of their own and they are still wild animals.  I don’t understand everything – I’m not a bird whisperer nor Dr. Doolittle.

I have had parrots continuously for the last 39 years.  I find them to be wonderful companions and each one with his or her own personality.

The other day I was catching up on a recording I did from PBS of the ballet The Nutcracker done by the San Francisco BalletI had read that it was different and innovative – and I found it to be a wonderful, creative version that was very enjoyable to watch.  I don’t go to live ballet because when I did go I was distracted by the sound of the thud of dancers landing.  I prefer the de-thudded version on television where I can just enjoy the dancing and the wonderful music.

You know, the easy-looking way the dancers raise their legs in precise movements and angles from long study and practice.   How dainty are the leg raises, circles, pointing – just beautiful.  I love watching the movements I never mastered when I took ballet as a kid.  I never wanted to, as I much preferred tap dancing.

Anyway, I noticed after watching that delightful performance that when Sueño and Gracie decide to lift their foot to go onto my hand that the foot-lift seemed like ballet.  They raise their foot high and then gently lower it to connect with my hand or finger.  Voila!  Birdie Ballet!

Hoping you enjoy your birdie ballet or just your dance through life,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Wow, can you believe that another year has ended?  Where did the time go!  It went by is a blur for me. 

So, have you yet taken inventory of this past year?  Have you set your plan and goals for next year?  Many mentors counsel us to do just that.  We have to know where we’ve come from, where we are, and then we can better gage where we’re going – and better see the path to get there.

This is something I must do.  I have to do some product inventory for my taxes anyway.  I might as well throw in the inventory of my business, and maybe even my life.  As my life goes, so goes my business.  I am the architect of both.  And architechs analyze, measure, plan and draw out, so there is a plan, a set of steps to follow.

It must be the same in a successful business.  This doesn’t mean we don’t have to tweak and adjust course and plans from time-to-time.  Maybe we have to do this all the time.  When we drive a car or ride a bike we make minute corrections in direction all the time.  We just don’t notice it anymore after we gain experience,

So, here’s wishing  a very Happy New Year to all and to all, network marketing success.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

MLM Success and Holiday Cheer

Of course you can have holiday cheer anyway, but mlm success and holiday cheer go together very well.

Since I am part of a global team that is a family, both my Mentoring for Free mastermind family and my team mastermind family, we support each other wherever we are in the world, thanks to the magic and instantaneous connection via technology.

Talk about positive energy!  MLM works best when you have a team that loves each other, works together, supports each other, and leaves greed and ego at the door.

I want to thank Michael and Linda Dlouhy, founders of Mentoring for Free, and all the great mentors and coaches, including Richard Dennis,  Don Standard, Sarah Thompson, Judi Sheehan, Patti  Blevins, Bob and Anna Bassett, Marcello Lisi, Cynthia Breed, Penny Dude, Walter Reade, and the technology people who record trainings, including Ken Klemm, Dwight Baker, Kim Bolte, Kathy Moffatt.

Thank you for your great service to us all.  Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, a fantastic new year.  Let’s go mentor’em in 2010.

Wishing you all mlm success and holiday cheer,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Network Marketing Success and Happy Holidays

This is a great time of year to wish everyone network marketing success and Happy Holidays. 

A lot of people think this is a lousy time to do mlm business.  Actually, it’s a wonderful time.

Many companies have special offers for products and incentives and, hopefully, these can be used as presents or just a way to get ahead in the company or stock up on product, points, whatever it is with your company.   And it’s a great time to introduce to family and friends to what you are doing through either gifts or the “magic sequence of words” as taught to us by the incomparable Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, one of my favorite mentors.  I like his no-rejection methods.

I am giving a favorite product to all the staff who take care of my daughter Leila and her roommates at her house.  One joined my business and the others probably won’t, which is just fine.  If they ever become customers, that would be great, and if not, that’s okay, too.

So have fun, be well, eat wisely, and enjoy the holidays.

Wishing you network marketing success and happy holidays –

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Salt River Brass and Guest Violinist Peter Wilson

I just love concerts, plays, mostly comedies and musicals, and just great entertainment.  This does not include some of the more popular music that some of my peers and my children grew up with.  I favor more classical and standards, old rock and roll, and folk.  Some opera, if it is great melody and not endless repetition.  I think the repetition in much of opera is what drives me crazy – get on with it already! 

Can you tell what personality color I am?

Any way, my friend Carol and I went to Bob’s Salt River Brass concert at the Mesa Arts Center.  It was the annual salute to the veterans concert An American Dream.  This is always a good one.  The guest soloist was Peter Wilson, virtuoso violinist of the White House in D.C., and part of the President’s Own United States Marine Band, which band was here for a great concert Halloween evening.  That was a treat, all right!

Anyway, we always enjoy these concerts and Gunnery Sargent Peter Wilson was awesome – classically trained and also did the Orange Blossom Special and The Devil Went Down to Georgia.  He said that when he joined the band the conductor had him learn bluegrass. 

And he said this is the first brass band with which he has played and it was the most fun he’d had.  He’ll be back.  Yay!

Vive l’horns.

Wishing you great brass in your life,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

I saw an ad on TrafficSwarm with the heading “Do you want to be Filthy Rich?”  That got me to thinking about mlm success and “filthy rich” – negative connotation.

The first I really heard and understood about negative connotations about money was at a presentation by Randy Gage in Tucson when I was with a prior company.  He used word pictures and stories and also used the movie Titanic as an example.  Fortunately, I never liked that movie and refuse to see it again.  Then I understood why.

The message of the movie is basically that the rich people are boring and stupid and evil and the poor people are interesting, fun, resourceful, and good.  With that kind of an attitude, how can anyone ever get ahead – as soon as they get some wealth they’ll lose it because their subconscious mind will say it’s bad and create situations to get rid of wealth or stop it from accumulating.

The TrafficSwarm advertiser may just be setting himself up for failure – when people feel that having money is dirty, they tend to self-sabotage themselves in accumulating money.  Even if that expression is used in jest.  They will get so far and then start to fail.  It reminds me of “washing your mouth out with soap”.  Got to clean up, money is dirty…

It takes awareness and work to change around that thinking.  Often we cannot do it alone.  I can tell you that the best way is to turn off all negativity around  you – TV, newspapers, radio, etc. – and substitute the negative thoughts with positive ones.  Possibly you cannot do this alone.  I couldn’t. 

And also, we need to find out where our negative thoughts, programming comes from, acknowledge it, and let it go.  This can be a life-long, ongoing  process.

And, guess what?  You might find the real you inside you.  I did.  Still working on it, but doing much, much better.

Wishing you the means to get rid of the mlm success and “filthy rich’ negative connotation and embrace all the great things you can do with money,

Wendy Weber, Singing Network Marketer

Polling Your Way to Your Heart’s Desire

I just voted in a poll in the Bird  Channel.  Guess which one I voted for…

If you could afford professional house-staff, would you hire a …

Poll Results
a personal chef for your bird (11.09%)
a free-flight/recall instructor for your bird (13.39%)
a cage cleaner for your bird (and you!) (63.18%)
a speech instructor to teach your bird to talk (12.34%)

Wishing you your heart’s desire –

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Do You Have Faith for Network Marketing Success?

I’m working on my lesson for the Wednesday Mental Cleanse call.  While I’m a little late with it, still it’s very important that I read the chapter we’re on and do the lesson, which means writing it out.  Even if it’s just one sentence.  And I put it to you – do you have faith for network marketing success?

You’ve probably heard that network marketing is a personal growth program disguised as a network marketing business.  And you may say, “Yeah,  right!”

Well, the fact is, that really depends on your point of view, where you start out in your personal journey, and where you are now.  Not to mention, where do you want to be.

The promise of network marketing success and the time and money freedom it said I could have gave me a reason to dream again.  I even did work on personal growth, but didn’t get very far.  I couldn’t do it by myself, I know now.

The Mental Cleanse mastermind calls have made all the difference.  I’ve had such personal growth – it’s nearly unbelievable.  Being able to figure myself out, to see why I was doing the things I was doing, feeling the way I was feeling, has been the doorway to letting go of the bad and substituting the good, even the extraordinary in my life.  Sharing with others and having them share in this very safe place works.

So, when I deal with the chapter 3 of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, which is our text book for these lessons, the chapter on Faith, I now couple it with the Sixth Sense, (chapter 14). Having now been through the book a few times, all the chapters are falling into place, the concepts into relationships with each other that make sense to me.

I used to have difficulty with faith in God, or the universe.  I have learned to listen to my inner voice, to my sixth sense.  When I do I’m right, and when I do not I’m wrong.  Having faith that even the things that happen or that I cause to happen that are negative have a purpose and I may not ever know what that purpose is.  So I always throw off the inclination to complain or be angry and say “Thank you, Adonai (God).  I know there is a reason for this and I trust you know what is best for me.”  So, gratitude is another important component.

Life has gotten so much easier since I have been able to do this.  I attract more positive outcomes and positive people into my life.

So, do you have faith for network marketing success?  Here’s hoping that you do.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Protected: Network Marketing Success – Belief and the Peter Principle

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Tonight I caught a bit of the movie A League of Their Own.  I’m not sure why it always makes me teary at the end, but I guess I relate to reunions.  This movie puts me in mind of the importance paying attention to obtaining mlm skills – you never know when they’ll come in handy.

Take this movie.  I saw it when my kids and I were on our annual summer visit to Chicago to see my mother.  My son Daniel, my daughter Leila, my mother, myself, and a good friend of my mother, the late Jean Harrison, all went to see the movie at the movie theater.  This was a number of years ago.  I’d known Jean since I was born – she was one of my mother’s scrabble buddies.

By the way, if you play scrabble with my mother you’ll have a very tough time winning.

Anyway, some of you may know that Leila has Down syndrome.  This means that it’s more work for her to learn things.  Her brother Daniel spent lots of time teaching her about sports he liked, such as hockey, soccer, and baseball.

I didn’t think Leila would understand the movie about a woman’s baseball league, but that she’s just enjoy the action and some of the relationships.  Well, Leila did understand what was happening with the game.  All the time her brother spent with her talking to her about the the baseball action they were working on at home paid off.  We were all really pleasantly surprised.  So, because Leila had picked up the knowledge about baseball, such as hitting the ball, running bases, home runs, she really enjoyed the movie.  It transferred to the story she was watching.

Those of you in network marketing probably know it’s important to have some skills before you need them, otherwise you might miss some great opportunities.  And it probably wouldn’t hurt to practice them so that when opportunities arise they come out naturally.  And doing this enough times can lead to success instead of frustration.

I learn a lot from Leila, although she doesn’t know it.  We’ve always had to break things down into small steps for her to learn the skills she needs.  Simplicity is always best.  The rest of us often need to learn our skills one step at a time, as well.  And that’s okay.  Tom “Big Al” Schreiter demonstrates in his trainings, too.

If it’s good enough for Leila, it’s good enough for me.  How about you?

Wishing you the opportunity to obtain mlm skills – you never know when they come in handy…

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

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