Plan,Do, Review for Network Marketing Success

Whether you follow Art Jonak’s prescription to “plan, do, review” for internet marketing success or even for success in life, or you subscribe to Orrin Woodward’s version, which is “plan, do, check, adjust”, the process is the same.

I had the good fortune, or rather great decision, to be at a mastermind event with both these gentlemen and heard the same thing, among other wonderful, useful, and inspiring teachings from them and all the faculty at this event.  Network marketing aside, I’m using this in my quest to conquer the art and sport of scuba diving.

Soon I will journey to the sea around Catalina Island off the coast of California for my first, basic certification dive.  My children have been there on school trips, but I never have.  While I’m not crazy about being in cooler water than, say Mexico, I will be prepared with the right water apparel.

I’ve been practicing at the Scuba Sciences pool just getting on the BC (buoyancy control) unit and working on maintaining neutral buoyancy.  Divers know what I mean.  I’m quite buoyant myself and have difficulty descending.  I still haven’t figured out where to put the weights – back or front, or a combination.  So I try a method, and if that doesn’t work, try another.  I just got ankle weights, which will help keep my legs down.  Some of the instructors also use them.

I’ll get it.  Just keep adjusting till then.  I’m fulfilling a lifelong dream.  How cool is that?

It’s the same for my network marketing business.  If something doesn’t work, find out why, and tweak it or do something else.  But not until I really focus on the activity and give it a reasonable shot, and also get help from one or more of my many mentors – just like in scuba.

Wishing you to plan, do review for network marketing success,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Power of the Mastermind for Network Marketing Success

Today is Mental Cleanse day at Mentoring for Free.  Below is the lesson I sent in addressed to 3 of my mentors – Michael and Linda Dlouhy and Judi Sheehan:

I was actually introduced to the power of the mastermind concept many years ago.

I have been reading science fiction since I was little.  I was impressed by the gestalt in one story, where a few people joined together and were able to accomplish amazing things through the power of their shared thought.  I have no idea whether that meant conscious or subconscious.

It did seem, well, amazing.

Little did I know it wasn’t science fiction at all but something that can be every day and that I can be part of at will.  For instance, I am part of this mental cleanse mastermind, my team mastermind, and my company mastermind.  I was at Art Jonak’s conference and felt the power of like-minded people with a common goal of learning, growing, helping each other improve.  It was like a wave that carried me forward and upward.  It was palpable.

The power of the mastermind is unmistakable if I am open to it and contribute to it.  Full circle to the gestalt.  I am not only in the story, I am one with the story.

Thank you Michael, Linda, and Judi, and also the amazing Patti Blevins.

Love, Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Wendy Weber,

The Mastermind Effect for Network Marketing Success

Have you ever heard the expression “two heads are better than one”?  When you multiply the ideas of more than one person you tend to get more solutions than just two.  This is a mastermind, which can consist of any number of congenial people who have each others interest in mind.  I have personally witnessed and been part of the mastermind effect for network marketing success.

But masterminds also work well in many other areas.  Saturday night I went to the annual fund raiser for the Council for Jews with Special Needs, of which my daughter Leila is a founding member 25 years ago.  Yes, this was the 25th anniversary of the organization.

Leila started out at the age of 5 at Sunday school with a special needs teacher and trained high school level aides to help her learn.  She was also included in the regular classrooms with the aides assisting her.  The Council (CJSN) assisted with creating curriculum at Leila’s level.  For some of the other children with special needs just being part of a Jewish experience was enough.

Anyway, at the fundraiser we had delicious food way beyond the advertised hors d’oeuvres, catered by Simply Scrumptious, who did the luncheons for Leila’s Bat Mitzvah in 1994 and her brother’s Bar Mitzvah in 1996.  Needless to say I love that food!

At dessert a video was featured highlighting the 25 years and what it meant to some of the participants and their parents.  Leila did appear in some of the photos.  Afterward the committee that organized and carried out the event was introduced.  Many of the ladies were parents of program participants, some just friends who believe in the organization.  There were a lot of them.

It occurred to me that, while this annual event has a system to follow created over the  years, the the committee was really a mastermind, with various ideas for theme, centerpieces, gathering items for the silent auction, pulling all the elements together, etc.  There is a lot of behind-the-scene work.  Without the mastermind group volunteering their time for a common goal, the event would not be nearly as successful and even might not occur.

By the way, I bought the decorated plastic bowl Leila made for the event.  That was the only auction item that appealed to me.

Wishing you to find the mastermind effect for network marketing success in your life,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

Network Marketing Success – Always “Mentor Up”

Recently I was at a network marketing mastermind event with a number of top networking industry leaders, some of whom were “faculty” and were speaking on various topics.  My friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy and his lovely wife Linda were also there.  He always said for network marketing success “Mentor Up”.

That’s what he does.  He said that if you are making $1000 a month get a mentor making $5000 a month ( at least more than you do).  If you are making $100,000 a month get a mentor making $200,000 a month.  His mentor is Tom “Big Al” Schreiter who has built more than one very large downline organization.  And he comes to hear from people who make more than he does.  And believe, me, he takes notes.

This is what I do, as well.  The people with more success have information I need to know to succeed or, at least, improve. 

Please join us at the event next year, put together by another friend and mentor Art Jonak. 

Wishing you network marketing success – always mentor up –

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Relationships – That’s the Ballgame

Without relationships our lives would be pretty dull and lonely.

Leila and I just finished another season of High Holiday services.  Once again, we find that relationships are the ballgame.

Leila sat with the rest of the congregation with friends she likes sitting with while I was up on the bima with choir.  This is the third year I’ve sung with this group of people and the fourth year we’ve had choir for our High Holiday services.  So we know pretty well what we can do and who will do what with each song.  That minimizes the number of rehearsals we need to hold.  Also, there’s a comfort in that.

It doesn’t hurt that most of the choir members are professional singers and performers.  There are three of us amateurs, members of the synagogue, who volunteer our time. 

I love singing with these people.  We are now friends.  They make me a better singer.  I am not professional but I’m a good singer. I don’t stand out singing with them as I do at work, and that’s just fine.  I would get better if I practice more.  That’s my choice.

It’s the same with my networkmarketing skills.  I get better at them when I keep on doing them. 

I’m a better cook the more I cook (you’d probably love my cooking!)  etc.

Keep building those relationships.  They are the ballgame.

And as I say at the end of most of my videos:

I am Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer wishing you a joyous melody in your heart and harmony in your life.  See ya!

One day last week I went to work, worked all day, and when I got home and changed my clothes, including my shoes I realized that on my left foot I’d been wearing a shoe from one pair, and on my right foot I had a shoe from a different pair.

I did not notice all day, and I’m sure no one looks at my feet, because I wear uninteresting, black, tie shoes that fit my orthotics.  My orthotics are slightly different, yet comfortable and correct the angle of my feet. 

I hadn’t done that for a very long time.  I had a laugh, certainly forgave myself for doing something so silly, and thought about it.

In the old days I was a perfectionist to an extent in some areas – knitting, crocheting, sewing, playing piano, ukulele, singing, taking care of my kids and especially Leila and the activities I do on her behalf.  I had to learn to let go of  that desire for perfection.  And then I was much happier and got more things done.

Also, I learned that the only one who cared about my being perfect was me.  No one else did.  I was my own worst enemy and critic.  That’s usually the case for most people.

Now I celebrate what I do right, laugh at an learn from the things I do wrong, and continue to “fail” forward, or maybe I should rephrase that – I continue to move toward success in anything I set my mind at doing.

All I can control is what I think and what I do.  When I keep it positive good things happen – even it they’re not right away, but I never know when they will happen.  I just expect them to happen.  That’s what I’m telling the universe and expect the universe to come through one way or another.

So, here’s to 2 different shoes!

Wishing you network marketing success  by not being perfect,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

We all have our traditions, don’t we,  for family, religious, sports and other acitvities that we do on a regular basis, whether it be yearly or more often than that.  We tend to feel attached to those traditions.  But network marketing success – tradition versus what works today – may be one area from which to let go of traditional method that we’ve been taught – with the exception that what you are doing works for you.

I was thinking about this because it’s Passover and it was my turn to bring in breakfast for my team at work.  I brought in some traditional Passover foods that my family usually eats.

That sparked one of my colleagues who misses her home in Poland to tell the story of an Easter tradition that is from her homeland.

She and her family prepare baskets with sausages and other foods and take them to the church service.  The priest blesses these baskets for the holiday and everyone goes home and eats them.  But not here in Arizona.  My friend and her family drive 30 miles to find a church with that tradition. 

These traditions work for my friend and myself.  They do not need to be changed.

But the traditional methods of network marketing, such as making a list of family and friends, the “3-foot rule”, buying leads, the hard sell and closing, these do not work in today’s environment.  And if they do for the short term, they are not sustainable and definitely not duplicatable for the masses. 

And what is network marketing about?  Duplication of what you do so that you don’t have to do it forever, yet still earn a residual income check.

So happy holidays, no matter which you celebrate.

Wishing you the ability to recognize network marketing success, tradition versus what works today –

Wendy Weber, Singing Network Marketer

At my job we’re doing a fun game on a particular part of the job that can get to be a real chore.

The game makes us more willing to work harder at this particular function.

If you’re in a network marketing company and you’re not having fun, likely you are also not having success and you will not be there very long.  And how much time are you willing to waste on that?  How much of your life are you willing to throw away? 

I can’t ever get that time back.  Can  you?  Perhaps if you know the secret of time travel.

To your network marketing success – it comes easier when you’re having fun.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

My friend and mentor Art Jonak teaches that we need to “step over the poop”.  We may h ave network marketing success and there’s always something to take care of.  I believe the late, great Gilda Radner of  Saturday Night Live fame also said: It’s always something”, although when she said it we all laughed.  And her book had that title.

Well, like most of us, I’ve been dealing with a lot of that lately.  There’s the stuff with my daughter Leila’s house, housemates, and support coordination.  Also, her birthday is rapidly approaching and I am preparing for that – her 30th.  And we have to fit in a snorkeling lesson for Leila  in prep for our upcoming team cruise to the  Caribbean.

I recently had to replace my computer and also my printer.  It’s never the same again.  And I’ve been dealing with Gracie’s hormones; she’s been chasing Sueño from under the TV furniture.  She took it over as her “nest” and really gets into “mommy protect the nest” attack mode.  So he’s been wary of her.  I’ve been putting her to bed early in another room to try to regulate the hours of light she receives.  That seems to be paying off, but Sueño doesn’t trust her.   By the way, they are blue-headed pionus parrots (amazons).

And I thought the kids were hormonal growing up!

Any way, like the rest of us I get  up every day, deal with what comes up, make sure I have fun doing my coaching and mentoring, and carry on with theater, music and life.

Here’s hoping you are dealing with and enjoying network marketing success – and there’s always something –

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

It’s soooooo nice to have my computer back for network marketing success!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a techno-genius.  I’m not even a techno-expert.  Although next to my mother I look like an expert.  My old computer had died – rather, the motherboard did and could not be replaced.  So I had to get a new computer. 

This one has Windows Vista, although I’m supposed to update to Windows 7 when my copy comes in.  The Data Doctors are having some difficulty with that.  Anyway, I’ve been reluctant to do much till I’ve upgraded.

So what next?  My HP All-In-One printer died.  First the paper pick-up feature failed – I had to keep feeding over and over till it finally took a piece of paper to print.  Then the fax died – I CANNOT do without a fax – too many papers, forms for Leila and other things for me.  So I had to get a new one of those.  Hopefully, this time the scanner will work! 

Don’t ask me how long it took me to  install or why I was on the phone with HP in India at 1:00 am.

A lot of what I do for network marketing is online – especially the Mentoring for Free processes.  We do have a pro system that I pay for and use and it works.  Only $19.95 a month for at least 4 times the cost anywhere else for all the features we get.

Meanwhile, back to work helping and mentoring others, furthering my own skills with all the live training calls and recorded calls in the database.  If you have not been successful in network marketing, this is the place to be for all the training is generic.  No company names or products are mentioned.

It’s definitely so nice to have my computer back for network marketing success – contact me anytime if you’d like the free training we offer.

Wishing you all the success you desire,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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