Pearl Harbor Day

Today is Pearl Harbor Day, the 69th anniversary of the attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii that got the United States officially into World War II.

Over 1000 men alone died on the  Arizona, which sank in the harbor and is on the the tourist route there.  President Franklin D Roosevelt said it was a day that would live in infamy.  It certainly did that.

This is the event that also got my late dad into the war.  He really didn’t want to be drafted into the army, didn’t want to do combat duty on the ground in Europe.

Dad wanted to finish college and then to join the Navy and be in the war in the Pacific.  His actually getting accepted into the Navy’s “90-day-Wonder” program is another story, but he was able to graduate and served on the Lucky Leon.

Thanks, Dad, for helping to keep us free and to come out alive.  I sure miss you.

Deep thanks to all who served in WWII and all the wars our country has fought to keep us free.

We have a lot of work to do at home as well to keep our freedom from eroding and to honor and support those who still serve and their families who sacrifice their absence.

May God bless you all.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

I just came across a printed copy of a series of emails between my mother and me from 2005.

One of my entries was about canceling a summer week-end retreat in Wisconsin I’d gone to for a couple of years, and the last year with my mother, flying to Chicago and traveling in her car. This was for a company I’d been with for 8 years and just couldn’t make it work, I had no profits.

I did find out that it wasn’t my fault.  This was great to know, because I had thought my lack of success was my fault, which made me feel rather lousy.

But it was difficult to let go of the loyalty I felt.  Was it brainwashing?  Was it the relationships I had with some of the people?  Was it that I used the products?  Perhaps all of the above.  But it wasn’t till this year that I was finally able to let go and let my distributor status fade away.

It is time.  I’ve acquired new skills and have a compensation plan that works for me and my personality.  It wasn’t easy, but I had to do it.  Michael Dlouhy founder of Mentoring for Free is right – you cannot be “married” to two companies at the same time just as you cannot be married to two spouses at once.  I had to cut the ties once and for all.

Does that mean I’ll never use the other products again?  Certainly not.  I just won’t be a distributor or have anything get in the way of me current company and the skill set that I have acquired that works; I have practical training for what works today.

Wishing you network marketing success and letting go of what doesn’t work,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

I learned about network marketing success, listening to your inner voice during the 30 day Mental Cleanse sponsored by Mentoring for Free.  The cost of the class is, well, free.  Except the cost to you, or me, is our time and commitment to improving ourselves.

Is the cost of your time, 30 days or more (I am a continuing Mental  Cleanse participant) worth it to improve your life?  I find when I’m not continuing I lose some control of my positive attitude.

Anyway, the Mental Cleanse consists of  reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich a chapter at a time, turning in a lesson – whatever you got out of the chapter – to Michael Dlouhy, the founder of Mentoring for Free, and whoever you learned about this from.  Soon there will also be a new database to send it to you so that everyone can see it if you like.  Otherwise, it can be private to Michael, who reads all of them and chooses a few different viewpoints to read and discuss on the two Mental Cleanse calls each Wednesday.

How does this work?  We all call the Mentoring for Free bridgeline and everyone is free to comment – this is a powerful, safe, supportive mastermind group made up of people just like me – and you – from all over the world.  It’s a fun, funny, emotional, and slap-your-forehead-with-your -hand call.  Michael has been doing this for over 10 years, the last 6 as part of the Mentoring for Free training.

Michael knew that to do and to earn more we all have to become more. Most of us have difficulty doing this by ourselves.  I know I do!  But, even though we have to do our own work, we learn so much more as a mastermind group because we hear and read about other people’s points of view, which may be similar or different from our own, but will definitely enriches everyone else’s experience.

So where did I learn to listen to my inner voice?  Chapter 14 The Sixth Sense, the Door to the Temple of Wisdom, with preparation from Chapter 12 the Subconscious MindThe Connecting Link, and Chapter 13 The  Brain, a Broadcasting and Receiving Station for Thought.

And what is the latest inner voice broadcast that I recall I listened to and acted upon?  A few months ago I was moved to go to REI sports outfitting store to look for a sleeping bag, as I hadn’t had one for several years.  They were on sale and an associate helped me choose one that would be warm enough for me.  You may recall that I don’t like to be cold.  So I got one for about 1/2 price and it turned out that I needed it for my Scuba certification boat trip.

Now, I purchased this sleeping bag before I signed up for the scuba class, but I followed my voice and had the warm bag when I needed it and didn’t have to do a bulky alternative with blankets and didn’t have to rush out and pay too much for a sleeping bag.

I was grateful I listened.  I listen most of the time and pay attention.  But this one had a definite result that I could connect with the original act.

Wishing you network marketing success, listening to your inner voice,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Solutions – Shoes and Packing for a Dive Trip

I spoke earlier about my trip to get certified at the basic scuba diving level through the ANDI program at Scuba Sciences in Phoenix, AZ.

We traveled to the dock in Los Angeles by bus.  The vehicle and trailer are owned by Scuba Sciences and some of the instructors and dive masters are licensed to drive it – about two hours a stretch before switching.  This keeps their focus on the road and makes sure they are alert and not tired.  After all, diving is dangerous enough without having travel issues!  We left shortly after noon Phoenix time and arrived about 9:00 pm.

The Scuba Sciences people  taught Leila to snorkel so there’s no way I would go anywhere else for my class.  Besides I’ve known people at this outfit for years.

I’ll start looking for supportive shoes with velcro that fit my orthotics.  I probably could use a pair for plane travel, as well.  We had to get off the bus every time it stopped for fuel, to get something to eat, or just to change drivers.  The rule is to take off shoes every time we got on  the bus to keep the floor clean (the staff also are responsible for cleaning the bus).  This is very inconvenient if you have tie shoes.

A few years ago I would have made a major protest before my foot injury healed enough for me to walk a bit without the orthotics.  In those days we were allowed to opt for wanding at the airport instead of taking them off.  Must have been before the shoe bomber.

At the pier in Los Angeles we unloaded the gear – tanks, buoyancy control devices, regulators, as well as our own gear, brought it all down to the dock and transferred it to the boat, the Pacific Star.

The Pacific Star was the smallest boat I’ve ever been on to sleep.  The bunks were stark, small and not heated.  Have I mentioned I don’t like being cold?  And no concierge service.

One of the other divers mentioned it was camping out, only on a boat.  He got that right.  We brought our own towels, soap, etc.  I never even used my pajamas – just crawled into my warm sleeping bag with layers of clothes on.

Also, the bunk area was the “dry” area (below) and the top of the boat was the wet.  We just went around with sweatshirts and warm jackets on top over our swim suits and our wet suits and skins folded down.  Definitely not a fashion statement.  My bunk mate (top bunk) Cynthia had a deck coat – could go over everything and was warm, long, and dried quickly and she could just put it on dry or damp.  Cynthia was one of the drivers and master divers.  I got some tips from her as a woman diving guru.

One of the things I learned was not to eat too much at lunch between dives, especially of tomato-based soup and anything spicy.  I burped during the dive following lunch – which is an interesting experience under water and one I will endeavor to avoid going forward.

Anyway, I will certainly ask more questions at the next pre-dive meeting and pack differently for the next dive trip I go on.  I’m referring to personal stuff.  Dive equipment is problematic whether you rent it or bring your own.

I did bring a couple of cameras, a couple for underwater.  I never took them out.  It was all I could do to keep warm and get through the exercises.  I hope someone took a photo of me besides the group one before we left.  I’d like some proof I was there, that I was successful, other than my log book and my certificate – C-card.

Wishing you your own solutions, whether it’s for a dive trip or anything else in your life,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer




If I Can Do This I Can Do Anything!

This past week-end I went on a Friday to Sunday trip to get certified for the first level of Scuba Diving with the ANDI program.   This I did through Scuba Sciences in Phoenix, AZ.  Since this was the only time I could get off work, just a couple of days around Thanksgiving 2010, I had to do it.  I was aware that the water around Catalina Island, CA was cold and I hate being cold, but I had no choice.  In the very back of my mind I thought that if I can do this, I can do anything.

Being certified for scuba entails classroom as well as pool skills work with basic learning about the physics and practical information about pressure, effects of water temperature and pressure on the body, equipment, etc.  I also had to pass a multiple choice written test.

Just to let you know, I don’t like being cold.

And to make a longer story short, the next morning after we embarked gear and all on the boat, the Pacific Star we got into our gear about 8:00 am L.A. time ( an hour earlier than AZ time this part of the year).  I’m only about 100 lbs in weight myself, but with the 80 cubic ft air tank, the second tank for emergency out -of-air, and the weights I needed to sink, as I am rather buoyant, especially with the wet suit I rented to go over my “skin” I was carrying another 100 lbs.  I had to be strapped in and needed help standing up and walked to the entry place off the side of the boat towards the stern.

The water the entire time was 59 to 61 degrees.  I prefer 85 to 90!  All the certification students including me jumped several feet into the water.  I still didn’t have enough ankle weights so had to fight to keep my legs down and the weights I was carrying were off balance with the extra tank and I kept rolling to my right side.

We went down a rope hanging from the dive buoy with our dive buddy – this is definitely a team sport – and I had little difficulty clearing my ears.  It was cold but I focused on what I had to do.  Even at the bottom at 30 feet (the pool at the school was only about 8 feet deep) I still need help righting myself as the weight load gave me a difficult time.  We hung onto each other’s gear to stay together and went through our mask-clearing and regulator purging exercises one-by-one.  I

I don’t have my dive log book back yet from Leo the instructor for this certification dive, so I don’t remember how long that first dive was, but my recollection says 45 minutes.  The ascent back up the rope under the buoy was uneventful and I was able to clear my ears with ease using the Valsalva technique (holding my nose and blowing gently).

There were two more dives that day, in-between which we worked on our log books describing the dives and figuring how long the next one could be due to the nitrogen we absorbed from the pressure.  Getting into the cold, wet gear was not much fun.

My buddy and I did not get to do our take off and replace our buoyancy control with tanks devices that third dive because it got dark, so we had to do that the next morning.  We all got into our gear fast that next day – it was cold! – and the weight solution was to remove the extra tank from my gear and the weight re-arranged so that I would be even.   Also I was loaned heavier ankle weights to keep my lets down.

Wow! What a difference it makes to be evenly weighted!

Before I jumped in I looked down and didn’t want to go into the cold, but I had to get certified and had no choice. Besides, I had self-confidence that I could.

So I jumped in and found to my delight that I could control my movements, keep my legs down, and didn’t list to my right.  But as I went down the rope I had to stop and go back up because I couldn’t clear my left ear.   Back at the boat someone had swimmer’s ear drops and applied them after pulling back my hood enough to reach my ear.

Then I went down again with one of the instructors successfully, did the remove and replace the gear at the bottom with some help – someone needs to help hold you down and help swing it around to place on your lap so you don’t float up.  Once the gear was on my lap I took as long as I needed to get it ready to swing over my hear and fasten up.  Since the regulator was in my mouth and I was breathing all the time I just did what I had to do.

Then my instructor took me on a short tour, part of the certification exercises, and I was finished.  I enjoyed seeing a few fish and a small manta ray and swam through kelp.

Back at the top on the boat I got out of my gear as fast as I could to get into a short hot shower and then get dressed.  I had completed the certification exercises.

So, if I can do that I can do anything.  What about you?  Have you done something that you knew if you could do it you could do anything?  What was it?

Anyway, hope your Thanksgiving was as satisfying as mine –

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer



I went to the pre-dive trip meeting at Scuba Sciences last night to sign tons of forms – absolving the world of any liability – and getting, sort of, the lay of the land with the dive boat.  This will be my certification trip.

There is a checklist I had my instructor go over with me so that I can scrounge or acquire the items I need.  I’ll be at Scuba Sciences tomorrow to take care of the equipment I need and check it. 

It seems like a lot to do, to be aware of, to learn.  Good thing I bought a sleeping bag on sale at REI, so I have that.  I need to rent (some of it part of the class and/or trip package some eqiupment and purchase some spare parts.  I’m not eligible for night diving, so don’t need a flashlight, but might get one for any dark water.

I understand that the water around Catalina Island in California is warming up this time of year, clearly a current pattern and not a weather issue.  I’m grateful for that, but will be glad to have the wet suit I’m renting and I already have a hood and gloves.  Cold is not one of the things I love, or even like, but with proper thermal equipment I should be okay – it’s really the air coming out of the warmer water that will be problematic.

I recall growing up on the Chicago beaches on  Lake Michigan that the things we paid attention to were the air-to-water temperature differential and the way the wind was blowing.  If the top water was coming into shore the water was warmer.  If it was flowing away from shore, the water left was colder.  Little did I know this was early prep for scuba figuring.

Anyway, have to plan for long intervals between bathroom stops on the bus, being wet most of the day on the boat, eating well, and sleeping well.  

Wishing that you are prepared in all your endeavors,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer 


Travel Agent Woman

I’ll probably have to write a parody to “Secret Agent Man” entitled “Travel Agent Woman”.  Tomorrow I’ll get on the computer and with my mother on the phone I’ll book a round trip ticket for her to join  me with my daughter and her granddaughter Rachel visiting over the winter holiday.  And with Leila also staying a couple of days it’ll be the 4 girls again.

With the loss of travel agents and the advent of internet ticket booking by anyone with computer access, the convenience of letting another person do it for us is mostly lost.

I don’t know about you, but since I’m not the analytical type, doing the technical research on the best ticket itinerary and price is not my favorite thing to do.  In fact, I really don’t like doing it, but I have no choice today.  Certainly, I appreciate that my team cruise is already figured out, so I just have to deal with Jan the agent that arranges those cruises.  And if I really want, she can do Leila and my plane tickets, as, well.

When I used to travel with my now ex-husband we used to deal, gladly, with Kay and she became a friend.  Oh, the good old days!  But she couldn’t stay in business and it’s a good thing she had a regular job at Robinson’s department store, now Macy’s.

Well, I’m putting off the agony of doing the flight research, so I’ll get a good night’s sleep and tackle it tomorrow afternoon, when there should be the best bargains.  Good thing I listen to Michael Dixon’s “Around the World in Sixty Minutes” travel show on Sundays – when not preempted by the AZ Cardinals football game or a Suns game, or a Diamondbacks game.  Guys, give me a break!  You have your own travel agents.  Let me have mine!

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Ask for Help – It’s Okay

I’ve been wanting to put up a picture I had of my daughter Leila – quite a large photo that was used for a Council for Jews with Special Needs fundraiser a few years ago.  After the fundraiser the parents of the people in the photos were given the opportunity to purchase them for $25.00.  What a bargain.

Finally, earlier this year I went with it to Michaels the craft store and bought a frame with glass and the Michael’s frame specialist helped me put the photo in.  But I still need to hang it and I thought it would be difficult to place the hooks matching the hooks on the back with hooks on the wall, especially at the height I wanted it to be.

So, today my friend and handyman came over and strung picture wire between the 2 hooks, used my extension ladder (which I still cannot figure out how to use) and put the picture in the frame up on the wall where I had wanted it placed.

It looks great!  I can’t wait till Leila comes home for Thanksgiving and sees it.

But I needed the help, so I asked.

Wishing you would ask for help, it’s okay,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

The Greatest Profession in the World – MLM

You know how different professions say they’re the best in the world?

I was watching “Circus”, a 6-part program on PBS about the Big Apple Circus, the stories of the owners, managers, performers, workers.  I really loved seeing the performances and looking backstage and in the trailers of the people involved.

At the end of the last episode the originator of the circus said:  “This is the greatest profession in the world.  We make people feel good about themselves and their world.  And the understand that they have that ability in their lives just like Sarah [dancer on the wire] has that ability in her life or Anna [acrobat on a pole held by two male performers] has it in her life, and that’s the message.”

Well, I do love the circus, but I never felt I could do any of those things in the acts.  However I think the greatest profession in the world is MLM or network marketing, if you will.


Because anyone who wants to do mlm can.  The skills are simple to learn, but not necessarily easy for people to do.  It is, after all, network marketing.  People with little education and skill can learn.  Even highly skilled professionals can learn, imagine that!  Professional sales people have the most difficulty but can learn if they unlearn the selling techniques they’ve used in the selling game.  But you don’t have to be particularly fit or brilliant by educational standards.  You don’t have to be single or married, or have kids or pets or not.

Unlike in the circus, it doesn’t matter what your age is.  For many of the circus acts people’s bodies just wear out, similar to a professional athlete.  Wow – even a professional athlete could do network marketing, with the right coachable attitude and the right coach and mentor.

According to another member of the circus we see that we can overcome our limitations.  I agree, with the proviso that we can add people to our team that are good at our weakness.  I definitely like attracting team members who are more organized and analytical than I.

But, as circus people train and have teachers for their respective acts, so, too, do network marketers train and have teachers/mentors for the most success or even for success at all.  This is something I learned from Mentoring for Free, as I had failed miserably before, so that the possibilities for my life, my dreams, sort of got stuck.  With MFF I was able to get them, and myself, unstuck, and to no small thanks to the Mental Cleanse.  I feel good about myself and what I do.  And I have fun – I like having fun.

Although I’m not flying high in the air doing somersaults to be caught by someone else on another trapeze, thought I’m not doing tricks on a loping pony, I’m not dancing on a wire, I’m having fun building a large, profitable, high retention network marketing team through education and teamwork, love, faith, persistence and action with the force from the mastermind.  Did I say fun?  Just like the circus.

Wishing you the greatest profession in the world,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Do I Sense the “H” Word?

There’s a medical, homeopathic doctor who is also a licensed acupuncturist here in my area who also hosts a weekly radio show.  I agree with most of what he says, as I am into natural health preferring to practice prevention rather than pills after the fact.

I do take medication on occasion when warranted – I try not to be stupid! – but that is very rare.

Anyway, I’m a professional network marketer and share remarkable products with folks who are interested.  I stopped by this doctor’s office to pick up tickets to an informational event he was hosting and offered to leave some samples.  He told me that if it was network marketing he wouldn’t be interested.  He believed the products were too expensive and he didn’t like network marketing companies.  Okay.

You know how there are really no accidents in this life?  Well, Saturday I happened to catch a segment of this doctor’s show that featured Dr Joel Wallach, author of the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” tapes.  Dr. Benjamin introduced Doc Wallach as his hero, championing good nutrition from way back.  He has done that.  He also was speaking tonight and tomorrow in a couple of different locations in Phoenix.  I didn’t get a chance to go tonight, but there was a mention, at least on the Wallach website,  of products being available.  Doc Wallach does own a network marketing company.

I thought that was rather ironic.  By the way, I work with Richard Dennis who was working with Doc Wallach back in the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” days.  While Doc  Wallach did the tape, it didn’t sell until he asked Richard for help.  Richard, a brilliant marketer, came up with the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” title and after that it sold in the millions.  Headlines, anyone?

While the local doctor doesn’t like network marketing companies, he lumps them all together.  What if he’s missing a life-changing product that’s actually value priced?  Well, too bad.

I find a bit of hypocrisy in this bias against network marketing companies, although, I concede, that many companies price their products too high because of either very high overhead, greed, mismanagement, or all of the above.

So much for heroes, of which Doc Wallach is among other good company, many of whose info we read weekly on the Health Mastermind call sponsored by Mentoring for Free.  Some of that info and those references are just a phone call away.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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