Coming Home From Camp

July 29 2011 I went up the mountain from Phoenix to Lakeside where Leila’s Lions Camp Tatiyee is located. She’s been going there for about a week every summer for more years than I can remember – before divorce, before going to Camp Civitan. Probably a few years after she started her 10-year run at Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scout Camp Maripai – equestrian sessions.

But this one is free because the Lions Club does fundraising all year. I donate, but it makes it possible for people with limited means to go to camp – kids and adults. For some this is the only vacation they get all year. The camp is staff-heavy for the populations that come. Leila goes  to the adult mentally challenged week. They also have weeks for hearing impaired, visually impaired, multiply-challenged persons, etc.

Leila just loves to go and I enjoy retrieving her because it is a lovely trip up to the cooler mountains and get a break from the July city heat. And it’s a beautiful drive.  There are areas where we have to keep watch for elk.  Now, we’ve never seen one, but if I hit one with the car, we’re all probably totaled.

On the way home Leila told me all about the activities she did. Her friend Todd was there this year – he was absent last year because he didn’t submit his application in time and all the spots were filled. Her favorite activity is the go-karting. Leila would love to drive but will never be allowed to, so go-karting is the next best thing. She also loves to eat the kind of food she is not supposed to eat at her home for health reasons.

So we had a little rain, some sunset, and made it in time to Temple for Shabbat services. I had promised her dinner out, so we stopped at Pei Wei restaurant on the way to her house. Chinese is one of her favorites, as is Mexican food, Italian, Thai – you get the picture.

In January we will submit the camp application and medical forms for 2012 – I’m on top of it because I’d never hear the end if I didn’t submit them in time.

Wishing us years of a great coming home from camp experience,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Network Marketing Success with Events

You will hear a lot of trainers and speakers say that there is a correlation of network marketing success with events. I’ve been listening to Jerry d’Rhino Clark’s series of “Standing on the Shouders of Giants” and just about everyone touts events. So do my mentors and coaches.

Well, I agree. Every time I attend an event I move my business further along. That may be in monetary terms or it may just be in belief, which is important for success. I hear from a lot of people who have the same result. The more events we attend, the better.

Wishing you network marketing success with Events,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Network Marketing Success – Loyalty

Recently I have been thinking about network marketing success and loyalty.

I had been with a company for 8 years and could not make a go of it. Great company, great products, couldn’t be successful no matter what I tried that was suggested for me to do.

When I started learning about Mentoring for Free and first spoke with MFF Founder Michael Dlouhy, he told me that my lack of success was not my fault. I wanted to believe that, but was angry that I company I had poured my hopes, dreams, and money into did not have the system, products, or pay plan that would allow me to be successful; they were not congruent with my personality.

I worked hard, but just became garage qualified – still using some of the products after 4 or 5 years. But after getting educated and acquiring the kind of skills I was not getting from the other company I had great difficulty to let it go, even though I knew it was not a good company for me. I felt it would be disloyal.

Reminds me of the dentist we had while growing up. He was a neighbor of my aunt. But he was not a very good dentist. My mother and I went to him anyway out of loyalty. We both have gum recession and while we have good dental care now, we would have been in better shape if we’d had a better dentist.

So, LOYALTY can be misplaced.

What about where your loyalties lie? Do they serve you or do they not?

Wishing you network marketing success – loyalty given to worthy entities…

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Yoga for My Healthy Lower Back

At my company’s health fair I put in for a drawing and won 3 months free membership with our health club. That made me eligible for using the equipment and also for taking classes.

The only class that interests me is yoga, since it shoud be great for my lower back. Sometimes I tend to have soft tissue minor pain from an old injury that I did not treat well at first. Also, I’ll never let any doctor put me into traction again – made it worse.

I can talk more about that another time. Meanwhile I started the yoga class, which is tricky because I have to be able to align my lunch hour with the class, not always possible.

Anyway, I fit right into the class because I have been exercising all my life and did previously take a yoga class at Yoga Pura a couple miles from my house (I won that class, too). I was a bit stiff from all the stretching but it wasn’t bad. And my back did well with the exercise. I don’t know what kind of yoga it is, but, with a few modifications on my part to protect an old foot injury, I liked it.

Normally, I’m not excited about yoga – I like more active movements. I just know it’s good for me and the company was good – some of the people I’ve known at the company for a long time. And the second week-end I was invited to the instructor’s birthday party – at an Indian cuisine restaurant. I love Indian food so I went and had a great time. Definitely needed to work out after all that food.

So, we’ll see how it goes.

Wishing you a healthy lower back,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

Lessons From My Feathered Kids

I am owned by 2 gorgeous blue-headed pionus parrots, Sueño and Gracie. There was no deliberate intention to have a mated pair in my house. They were both re-homed and came to me at different times. When I got Gracie I was actually looking for a companion for Sueño, as he had been alone for about 5 years following the death of my long-time companion of 31 1/2 years Papa, my panama parrot.

So since it had been about 6 years since the loss of our beloved Sunshine, I was looking for another sun conure. But I also wanted a bird with a known sweet personality and Kelly said the sun’s were still too young to tell but there was a female blue-headed pionus whose mommy became a traveling nurse and could no longer care for her. And Gracie is the sweetest soul.

I must say that I’ve had parrots since 1972 and this is the first time I’ve had a male and female of the same species. Last year was the first time that Gracie went into nesting mode. Now, I am not creating a nesting set-up. Breeding is not my goal. But Gracie displayed the behavior.

Sueño turned into “guard bird” did his best to “protect” Gracie from me, especially when she was staying for hours in her sleeping cage. But this spring while he was spending time with her, I guess he got bored and left that room to come find me. He would say “hello” and I knew he was coming. I would pick him up and he sure wanted the head scritches I gave him.

So I believe Sueño is a critical thinker. When he realized that Gracie didn’t need him to stand vigil while she was “nesting” on the perch, he decided to do something else. He did something for himself.

What’s going on in your life that you need to make your own decision about, that you need to think critically about and not just do what you’ve done before?

Wishing you to learn lessons from my feathered kids,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Finding Your Focus

I was thinking about how the focus in our lives comes about. Probably most times by accident of experiences we have. Some of it comes from things that excite us in school, triggered by family events, travels, or everyday life; sometimes it is a result of something we need, read about, see, stumble into. Hopefully it is something that lights us up.

The focus of my life is a result of the birth of my daughter Leila. Since she has special needs she will always need supervision and guardianship/parental support. I love her more than words can express and enjoy being with her and seeing her joie d’vivre. Her giggle is infectious. She gives the world’s best hugs – just ask our team members and anyone she knows.

But, as with any family member with a disability or chronic illness, she also represents more work for me, paperwork, getting her to activities, overseeing her funds. She is the focus of my life. I see my job as staying as healthy as possible, so that I can see that she gets what she needs and most of what she wants and her siblings will not have to take over for a very long time.

This is not to say that I do not have other areas of focus. I am, after all, the
Singing Network Marketer and do write songs and parodies about Mentoring for Free skills and the 30 Day Mental Cleanse. I sing in choirs and perform every now and then.

I also love to cook, which is a good thing, as one of Leila’s favorite activities is eating – mine, too!

By the way, she has her own song I wrote – “You Are Leila”. Benefits of having a mom who writes music.

Wishing you all to find your focus,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

Cruising Along Having Fun

I love to take a cruise with my daughter Leila because it’s so much fun to see things through her eyes. In a way she is a perpetual child without a complicated agenda.

This last cruise she continued with her karaoke career, for which she gets lots of kudos, and experienced petting stingrays, and was introduced to zip-lining. Our team leader Michael Dlouhy found the best zip-lining outfit on that particular island in Honduras and 17 of us zipped from platform to platform yelling and spinning and having a great time.

Not one of us would have qualified for the ship-sponsored zip-lining excursion due to age, weight, or height. The one Michael negotiated for was cheaper and also included a tour on the way to the structure.

Leila was a bit short and sometimes needed a boost to be hooked up to the line, but she did a wonderful job zipping and everyone, including the young men who had built and ran the structure, were impressed with her. I was beaming – it made my zipping all the more fun to see her having a ball. She was hoarse from yelling.

We all had a blast – but no one more than Leila. It was such fun just watching her.

Hoping you’re cruising along having fun,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

Network Marketing Success – Cruising

Why do these 2 things work well together – network marketing success – crusing?

Well, first you only have to upack once, and then you have lots to people on a ship to get to know (I didn’t say firehose!).  Then, if you are doing training, the trip is a business write-off.

That’s a win-win. 

More later about the team cruise Leila and I went on earlier this month.

Until then, I wish you network marketing success cruising.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

I used to be afraid of failing because of what others would think of my and how I would feel about myself.

This was wrong.

In reality, most people thought I was brave to try and it’s up to me to determine how I feel about the situation.

This means now that there is no failure, just attempts that didn’t work, stepping stones to what does work in my business and in my life.

This is progress!

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer


Evening with Big Al

The other night I had the privilege and good humor to spend an evening with Big Al – that’s Tom “Big  Al” Schreiter, probably the world’s best loved and most effective network marketing skills trainer.

We started with dinner.  Now, if you know Big Al, you usually have dinner at a Mexican restaurant, his favorite kind of food.  However when training is at the DoubleTree Guest Suites near the airport in Phoenix, we now go to our favorite Chinese restaurant in the nearby Chinese Cultural Center Lao Ching Hing, featuring Shanghai style food.  My favorite is the orange chicken.

Some of the best nuggets of wit and wisdom come about at dinner.

Also, it was great to connect with other friends, Jennifer Wideman from East Mesa and Norma Lee Beaton, who drove in from California.  My local business partner Shawn Sheire joined us there.

The three-hour training was well worth the time.  Tom went over the tweaked and revised 2-minute story, which is a rejection-free way of explaining our business to anyone who wants the “presentation”.  It is permission-based, and as I said, the coveted “rejection-free”.

After all, self-improvement is great and useful, but doesn’t necessarily make you successful in the network marketing business without knowing what to say and what to do when you’re in front of people – live or on the phone.

I love that Tom explains the psychology behind all the parts of the story – and why it has to be a story in the first place.  Of course, psychologists may not follow the same logic, but then, they probably don’t make as much money as Tom does – just by using the skills he has acquired over the years.

Better yet, Tom travels the world teaching the skills to anyone who wants a presentation.  And he has a free newsletter when you sign up at  In fact, just after I finish this entry I’m going to read the latest newsletter which came out today.

And then I’m going to practice my updated 2-minute story.  Ah, so!

Wishing everyone a productive – and tasty – evening with Big Al,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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