I spoke to my mother this weekend.  She informed me that another of her friends had passed away.  This was not unexpected because her friend had recently developed severe dementia.  Her granddaughter called to let my mother know.  Mom and Sis had done a lot of traveling together. 

I also had known her from many visits back to Chicago over the years.  Also, her niece taught my oldest daughter in Sunday School in Phoenix, another “Jewish Geography” phenomenon. 

My mother is 90 and all her friends are being lost to her one-by-one.  She really feels it but keeps busy with various classes, group events, and synagogue events and an occasional local family gathering.  She had recently purchased a new car and is very independent in getting around town. 

Being in good health, her intention is to be around for a very long time – I think it’s no accident that children and grandchildren are younger.  Mom, my oldest, and I just did a trip to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to celebrate Mom’s turing 90.  She wouldn’t do all the things we did with anyone else – especially the whale-watching from a zodiac.  I have to post the photos.

Here’s to a long life with good health. 

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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