Yesterday I had my second colonoscopy in 5 years.  The first one was clear of any polyps, but I had it because my mother had some and even needed one removed surgically.

This time the prep was much easier because I was not up all night, for one thing, the resulting cleansing, so to speak, took place in the morning.  Also, there was no irritation, and I chalk that up to the minimal amount of toxins in absorb and ingest due to the way I eat and the kinds of products I use on my skin and in my house.

And my dear friend and play-buddy Carol took me, because I was going to be in no shape to drive after being sedated.

This time Dr. Brown found a polyp which he removed and sent to pathology. It is unlikely that is is cancerous, but there’s only one way to tell.

So I’m feeling much better today, which is great, because Leila, who was dropped off last night to my house, and I have a full day of fun and parties, including a chili cook-off at Scuba Sciences.  Seems like nearly endless festivities culminated at Dave and Busters in Tempe, a party sponsored by my daytime job company.  Leila loves to play the games there.

Hope everyone else is having fun today, too.

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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