I’m sure you would agree that every job you do requires skills training, whether you are a doctor or a ditch digger.  Network marketing is no different.  You need good network marketing training for mlm success.

So many people get into network marketing and are promised training, promised a system for success.  People love systems, the prospect of one is very attractive. 


Most of us come from an employee background.  We work certain hours, we have certain expectations, and are told what to do.  Without the comfort of being told what to do, we tend to flounder.  So a system takes the place of being told by a boss what to do.

I’ve got news for you, making a list of friends and family is not a system.  Also, just because you pay for training does not mean it’s any good.  I have paid thousands for all kinds of training that was supposed to make me successful.  Nothing worked till I got to Mentoring for Free where the skills training is absolutely, well, free. 

So what does it cost me?  My time and perhaps some phone cost.

What other valuable training is out there?  The one I know of that I really like is Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s training at www.fortunenow.com.  Many of you know Tom because he does generic training all over the world.  He’s one of the most successful network marketers out there.

Tom believes in keeping it simple.  I like simple.  He’s a “green” personality and likes lots of data.  He tests and tests, so what he teaches works.  You can also check his site to see where he’ll be training and if he’s anywhere near you don’t miss it.  In addition to great training you’ll also have a good laugh.

You also might want to check into what Art Jonak is doing.  You can google him.

Wishing you great network marketing training for mlm success,

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