It’s been a long time since I thought of this, but I remember having passion spurring the courage to defend someone I loved.

When I was little my family and I lived in an apartment in a building about two blocks from Lincoln Park in Chicago.  That also means it was close to Lake Michigan and great beaches I spent a lot of time at in the summer.  The street we lived on was in the Uptown neighborhood and had a variety of people from lots of places and who eventually, like my family, moved away into other parts of Chicago or the suburbs.

My only sibling was an older brother.  Peter, a handsome boy with brown eyes and thick, straight dark brown hair, had been retarded from an illness not long after birth and also had epilepsy.  He talked okay but was a bit slow and didn’t have top notch coordination.  He was able to ride a bike and sometimes Mom, Dad, Peter, and I would ride on the bike paths in Lincoln Park.

I loved my brother very much.  He was a very sweet boy and, well, he was the only brother I had. 

Me, I was a shy little girl.  I loved to sing and perform even then, however, and still sing well.  But I wasn’t much of a communicator with new people.  My mother told me I was quite a serious little person.  I always hated confrontation and still do.

One afternoon when Peter was out front sidewalk of the apartment building and maybe 500 feet to the south of our entrance, he was confronted by two or three “tough” boys and made fun of.  I was so mad that I, much younger and shorter than they, without thinking butted in and told them off.  Today I don’t remember at all what I said, but it must have been good because they backed off and left us alone.  And, to my knowledge, they never bothered Peter again.

Why would I, a shy little girl who hated confrontation, do that?  I had to save my brother who needed me.  My passion to protect him was larger than my fear.  I had courage and was able to step out of my comfort zone.  While I didn’t remember my words, I remember the feeling I had.  Wow!  What if I can create that on demand when I want to do my network marketing business.   What if I can use that burst of passion to take advantage of opportunities when they appear.

Network marketing is a mentoring and coaching business.  I have the skills to do it and, like most of us, just need to keep the passion  to help others at a high level, which also improves the level of self-confidence. 

So what in your life reminds you of having the passion to do your business?  All the training in the world won’t work if you don’t do the work.  Just remember when you felt that way, feel it again, and take the next step to courage.  Perhaps this goes back to your “why”, which needs to create the passion, hence the courage.

Wishing you to have the passion, the outcome courage, hence success,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

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