I wrote an Ezine Article the other day on my daughter Leila called The Greatest Mentor for Network Marketing  Success – The Bike Lesson.  I was focusing on Leila’s persistence while she was learning to ride her bike, that she fell hundreds of times and kept getting back up to try again.  This put me in mind of network marketing tips, specialized knowledge.

Napoleon Hill writes about specialized knowledge in Think and Grow Rich, chapter 5 on “specialized knowledge”.  “Knowledge is only potential power.  It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end.”  You can acquire knowledge through schooling, independent study from books and periodicals from libraries and other sources, personal experience, and through cooperation of others, especially a mastermind alliance.  Mr. Hill says these are the most important ways.

This knowledge needs to be applied to accomplish something or it is just trivia.  Now, I love trivia as much as the next person, it is fun to know, but it probably only helps me in games and, perhaps, Jeopardy.

Let’s get back to Leila.  I, as a mere mortal parent, did not know how to teach my child who happens to have Down syndrome how to ride her bike without training wheels.  It was easy with my other two kids.  We were fortunate enough that there was a recreation specialist who did have the specialized knowledge and experience, and therefore, the solution to our challenge.

She had worked with a lot of kids who had cognitive delays and physical development delays.  She knew how to evaluate the kids and work with their strengths and develop the strategy to help them learn the skills, in Leila’s case, to ride her bike.  While it still took Leila longer to learn, the ultimate outcome was success.  The specialist had the strategy; Leila took the action.  Leila rides her bike.

There were many opportunities for Leila to quit and therefore fail – each time she fell with her bike.  She is nothing if not persistent and has a wealth of self-confidence.  But she needed someone to teach her who knew how to teach her.

Specialized knowledge is also important for success in network marketing.

I’m talking about particular skills.  I’m talking about knowing how to speak to people without an agenda.  I’m talking about knowing how to coach and mentor.  I’m referring to how and when to follow-up, how to motivate, how to be there for your team, how to have the patience to wait till the time is right for the other person.

Most of us do not have these skills naturally.  They usually have to be and can be learned through the right kind of training.

These skills can be acquired through paid programs or free ones.  Personally, I have found that the free programs do as well or better than the paid for ones.  However you do it, you might agree that if you’re a doctor or a ditch-digger you need the appropriate skills.

Network marketing is no different and the skills are not taught in school.

I wish you success with these network marketing tips and acquiring the specialized knowledge you need for success.

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

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