It doesn’t matter how persistent you are if you do not have a solid business plan and the plan works.  So, if your business plan doesn’t work, try a new one.

Recently I did an Ezine article called “My Greatest Mentor for Network Marketing Success – The Bike Lesson“, which described the persistence of my daughter while learning to ride her bike.  She fell hundreds of times but kept getting back up till she attained her goal – to ride her bike without training wheels.

Leila, who happens to have developmental delays, was determined.  Most of the practicing she did by herself.  But she had expert help to learn how to ride and she had support of her family.

While Leila didn’t know she had a plan, a plan, however informal, was created for her, nonetheless.  Leila’s plan was sound.  She had the correct help to learn, she had support, and all she needed, then, was supervised practice…and practice… and practice… and so on.  So she was on the right path and never quit till she attained her goal.  I’ve never seen anyone more determined.

Now what about me?  As I tried to do Leila’s example and not quit with my network marketing company, I tried and tried to do the business but didn’t succeed.  I couldn’t succeed.  It was the wrong business model for me.

Napoleon Hill says that “if your first plan fails – try another!” Don’t keep working a plan that is not working.  Replace it with another and another till you find one that works.  This sounds a lot like Thomas Edison, who failed 10,000 times till he found the correct combination for the electric lightbulb to work.  He knew it would and just kept trying.

Because I didn’t understand the book the first time I read it, I didn’t “get it”.  I was in the wrong company with the wrong business plan for me and nothing I tried worked.  I didn’t understand what was wrong.

I didn’t have the benefit of a mastermind of leaders with the expertise and training who could help me.  When I finally found that mastermind group, when I finally learned the truth that the business plan I was focused on was the wrong one for me, that’s when my life changed.

Ultimately I needed to recognize the truth for me.  I have the attention and coaching of people who are building organizations now.  I have the benefit of multiple mentors who invite me to ask for help.  These are people who are not looking to recruit me into their business.  These are people who care about the network marketing industry and want everyone to succeed.

So, persistence isn’t everything.  Leila had a successfully working learning model to master the bike-riding.  Therefore her persistence could, and eventually did, culminate in success.  And I had to find the same for my business to have similar results for me in my endeavor.  Thus, for network marketing success, remember that if your business plan doesn’t work, try a new one.

Wishing you a business plan that’s working,

Wendy Weber

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