I went to the dentist  the other day to get a regularly scheduled teeth cleaning.  The hygienist had the suction device hanging in my mouth and was using water while she was cleaning.  Of course the water kept going down to the throat area triggering the swallow response.  I tried to not swallow for a while, but I couldn’t stop it.  So I started to think of network marketing – reflex response to what we do every day.

When we talk to people about our business or products our reflex, according to my friend and mentor Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is to say “hi” and “Blaaaah!”  We dump everything we know on them.  He also calls it “firehosing”.

However, with training, the right skills, the right things to say, we can stop that reflex and develop a new one.  Ice breakers, short stories, just what people need to hear to make a decision and no more – these are the skills we entrepreneurs need.  Also we can pass them on to our organization so that duplication can occur.

I can even see using them in our personal lives – I’m still looking for my significant other!  I’ve learned not to “dump”.

Anyway, the right reflexive action creates positive results.

Wishing you network marketing success, reflex in the good sense, and not drowning at the dentist,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer


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