In your quest for mlm residual income, I hope you enjoy this info on the BLUE personality by my good friend Nabil.

For your network marketing success, you need to understand some basics about human beings. Remember network marketing is not a sales business, it is a relationship business. Unfortunately, most network marketing companies training fail to teach those basics, and they leave their distributors struggling.

First, you must understand yourself, and your patterns of thinking.
Second, for network marketing prospecting success, especially long distance, you must be able to spot your prospect pattern of thinking and find his ‘hot buttons’.
Third, you must understand that your prospects patterns of thinking may be completely different than yours.

Your network marketing success depends on understanding the four major personality types. You need to speak your prospect language and not yours. You can discover your prospect personality by listening and asking the right questions.

What turns you on may be turning your prospect off! Stop doing that…

For example, let’s talk about the ‘blues’

They make 15% of the population, they are the open and direct.
They talk too much, they volunteer more information than what you ask for.
They like to have fun, they see the big picture, and they don’t like details and numbers.
They have difficulty focusing on one task, you may think they have a ADHD.
There are more ‘blues’ in network marketing than any other personalities.

If you are a ‘blue’, you need to learn to shut your mouth, stop interrupting your prospect, you must learn to listen, and you must learn to focus on your tasks.

When you sponsor a ‘blue’, you need to teach him how to listen and how to focus in order to succeed in network marketing.

When you prospect a ‘blue’, let him talk, tell him about the trip you won and the fun you had with your network marketing team. Do not give him details.
Make sure you follow-up closely with him. Send him short and sweet E-mails.
If you dare to send him long detailed E-mails or a boring long detailed presentation, he will block your E-mail, he will make sure he screens his phone calls.

Try sending me a long E-mail, and your E-mails are in my junk file next time. Oops, you know what color I am.

If this scenario seems familiar to youthoughtful network marketer, now you know why. Join us to learn how to spot your prospect personality in two minutes with the best network marketing success training.

To your Success,

Nabil Khoury, MD
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