There are many network marketers who do very well but are not duplicatable.  The force of their personality attracts people or persuades people to join them, but the recruits cannot do what they do.  So if the system used by these people are to do what they do, their followers fail.  So they quit and there is a churning going on, a constant need to recruit new people.  Long term network marketing success does not mean setting up people for failure.

There must be a simple duplicatable system with simple 1, 2, 3, etc. steps that anyone can follow with minimal or no coaching.  They must see other people having success with it.


The vast majority of the recruits come from an employee mindset and are used to being told what to do.  A system does that for them.  It is a template, a set of instructions.  Of course, it must be demonstrated to work, but it is a necessity.  The recruits must be able to also plug other people into it.

If you want to check out a system that works over and over again, check out Mentoring for Free.  It can be used for any company.  The training for the system and network marketing skills is free.  The use of the system’s pro version is $19.95 a month for more features than you could set up yourself or get anywhere else.

If you want to check it out, first download the free ebook Success in 10 Steps, written by Michael Dlouhy.  Then I will be able to help you.  It’s part of the system, it’s step 1.

Wishing you the knowledge and belief that network marketing success does not mean setting people up for failure,

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