My friend and mentor Art Jonak teaches that we need to “step over the poop”.  We may h ave network marketing success and there’s always something to take care of.  I believe the late, great Gilda Radner of  Saturday Night Live fame also said: It’s always something”, although when she said it we all laughed.  And her book had that title.

Well, like most of us, I’ve been dealing with a lot of that lately.  There’s the stuff with my daughter Leila’s house, housemates, and support coordination.  Also, her birthday is rapidly approaching and I am preparing for that – her 30th.  And we have to fit in a snorkeling lesson for Leila  in prep for our upcoming team cruise to the  Caribbean.

I recently had to replace my computer and also my printer.  It’s never the same again.  And I’ve been dealing with Gracie’s hormones; she’s been chasing Sueño from under the TV furniture.  She took it over as her “nest” and really gets into “mommy protect the nest” attack mode.  So he’s been wary of her.  I’ve been putting her to bed early in another room to try to regulate the hours of light she receives.  That seems to be paying off, but Sueño doesn’t trust her.   By the way, they are blue-headed pionus parrots (amazons).

And I thought the kids were hormonal growing up!

Any way, like the rest of us I get  up every day, deal with what comes up, make sure I have fun doing my coaching and mentoring, and carry on with theater, music and life.

Here’s hoping you are dealing with and enjoying network marketing success – and there’s always something –

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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