I just came across a printed copy of a series of emails between my mother and me from 2005.

One of my entries was about canceling a summer week-end retreat in Wisconsin I’d gone to for a couple of years, and the last year with my mother, flying to Chicago and traveling in her car. This was for a company I’d been with for 8 years and just couldn’t make it work, I had no profits.

I did find out that it wasn’t my fault.  This was great to know, because I had thought my lack of success was my fault, which made me feel rather lousy.

But it was difficult to let go of the loyalty I felt.  Was it brainwashing?  Was it the relationships I had with some of the people?  Was it that I used the products?  Perhaps all of the above.  But it wasn’t till this year that I was finally able to let go and let my distributor status fade away.

It is time.  I’ve acquired new skills and have a compensation plan that works for me and my personality.  It wasn’t easy, but I had to do it.  Michael Dlouhy founder of Mentoring for Free is right – you cannot be “married” to two companies at the same time just as you cannot be married to two spouses at once.  I had to cut the ties once and for all.

Does that mean I’ll never use the other products again?  Certainly not.  I just won’t be a distributor or have anything get in the way of me current company and the skill set that I have acquired that works; I have practical training for what works today.

Wishing you network marketing success and letting go of what doesn’t work,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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