MLM Residual Income Success for most average part-time networkers very much depends on the company’s compensation plan. Most of us are in the 95% of network marketers who are part-time in the business and about 5% do it full time. The majority of mlm money goes to the top 5% of the earners and not to the 95%. So as a part-timer, what do you think you’re worth? Are you frustrated by not being paid enough?

If you are among the people, which most of us are, who do it part-time, how much time do you have, how hard do you want to work, and how much are you willing to spend to earn some extra money. Remember what you actually earn is not the discount, and is not just the checks you receive.

You earn what you receive minus your expenses. Are you in the plus column or the minus column?

It would be helpful to know on average what percent you are paid and then what you actually clear. In my company the average payout on the products sold is 50%. We are not including bonuses because I’m interested in walk-away-residual income. (With the bonuses it can go as high as 89%)

By the way, when you compare product payouts, use the retail prices, not the discounted or wholesale prices. In my company everyone buys at retail.

Another great way of knowing how you get paid is approximately how many people do you need in your organization to make an extra $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, etc. each month for residual or recurring income.

In other words, how many people does it take for you to build it once and then walk away while you collect the residual income if you wanted or needed to do so?

For example, in my company it takes about 25 people ordering regularly to earn about $500 a month. For about $10,000 a month it takes a maximum of 400 people either in your organization or ordering regularly. You don’t have to find them all yourself, either.

If you’re not with a company that pays you what you’re worth, that does not pay the average part-time networker, I invite you to tune into the Mentoring For Free Training.

Wishing you mlm residual income success by avoiding the frustration of not being paid what you’re worth,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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