I’m very much into network marketing success, staying plugged in.

T.G.I.F.  Why do I like Fridays so much?

Well, first of all, it’s choir rehearsal at my job and I get to sing the last two hours of the day, unless I am the substitute rehearsal director, which I will be next week.  Then I need to listen more and help people with parts.

Secondly, while there’s no Mentoring for Free training calls to plug into on Fridays, I know that Saturday I have an early morning small group company training where I hone certain skills, a team training call mid-morning, and the usual Saturday night training call.  Tomorrow the subject is Compensation Plans.  Most people haven’t a clue about how theirs works at their network marketing company.

That means, they are unaware about how many hoops they have to jump through to get paid.  And that means that retention of the average part-time networker is dismal – if even that good.  And that means there’s little or no residual income.

I do not know about you, but I do not want to be going over and over the same territory.  I do not want to keep replacing people who quit.  That would mean I am walking in place and not getting ahead.   And that would mean that I would be in an endless cycle of sponsoring and will never be able to retire while having earnings coming in month after month whether I am still building a group or not.

Since the training tomorrow night is on compensation plans, the people who plug into it, are open to the truth, and are coachable, will be the people who will ultimately have success and be able to retire, say, with me!

Wishing that you have network marketing success staying plugged in,

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer

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