I don’t know about you, but I love the National Music Camp Interlochen, positive memories and bright future.

The other night my boyfriend Bob and I attended a reception in Scottsdale, AZ on the rooftop of the Hotel Valley Ho hosted by the National Music Camp Interlochen, located outside Traverse City, Michigan. I am a proud alumna from camp, Intermediate Girls 1962 and 1963.  I would say that was the foundation of my becoming the Singing Network Marketer.

The talented high school seniors who performed had also worked with students from a few of the schools in the Phoenix area.  What a trip down memory lane!

The president of Interlochen and some trustees as well as friends, alums, and prospective academy attendees were also there.  It was a pleasure to hear about what has been going on, that with the right endowment and support and careful husbandry the institution is in good shape and the number of applications are up.

I may just go visit  next time I visit my mother in Chicago.  I always loved their concerts and the dancing and there’s so much more, now.  When I was there Van Cliburn played for us, Richard Elsasser played the organ, and we had wonderful Gilbert and Sullivan operettas performed by the high schoolers and I was in the ones done by the intermediate group.  I even had a lead part as Lady Psyche in Princess Ida.  I also sang in the chorus, took the music talent exploration class, which was responsible for my playing the cello in high school.

I made some lifelong friends and that’s where I was inspired by one of my cabinmates to obtain and learn to play the ukulele, which I use on the road for performances and to do some of my YouTube videos.

Also, I learned to be a decent jacks player (ball and jacks).  My teachers were some of the best players I’d ever seen and there really is technique involved.

The National Music Camp Interlochen continued the love of classical music started in my home by my parents, particularly my dad. There’s nothing like participation.  Those of us who attended who did not go into the arts professionally are appreciators and supporters.

One of my passions and talents is to write the parodies and original music I am slowly recording and getting out there.  Most of my efforts are in the area of Mentoring for Free concepts and lessons.  It’s great fun and I trust I am helping those of you out there who need to be plugged in to either the network marketing skills information and the personal growth via the Mental Cleanse and the Coaches Corner Mastermind, not to mention the personal coaching and mentoring.

I’m grateful for the privilege of being able to participate with my own abilities and receive the mentorship of all the other remarkable people in the Mentoring for Free community.

Wishing you success with your own National Music Camp Interlochen, positive memories and bright future,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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