How do most of us average people achieve freedom? Death is one way, winning the lottery, inheriting a lot of money – well, except for death, most of us will not be the recipients of the other two. But MLM Success means Freedom.

Today at my job the event I talk about as a downside to my job occurred. It was open enrollment, so to speak, for our vacation days. Well, I need 6 weekdays in a row in January and 6 more in February. The way it’s set up, with our new system and with competition with fellow employees in my department, I have 3 days approved in each time period and the rest are wait-listed.

This is the opposite of freedom.

Is my dream strong enough to work my network marketing, my mlm business so that I can have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and with whom I want? It gets stronger every day. How about you?

Don’t get me wrong, with so many people out of work these days, I am grateful to have my job. However, I consider that temporary for as long as I need to. My real job is getting me closer to freedom every day.

Wishing that for you mlm success means freedom,

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