Tonight I caught a bit of the movie A League of Their Own.  I’m not sure why it always makes me teary at the end, but I guess I relate to reunions.  This movie puts me in mind of the importance paying attention to obtaining mlm skills – you never know when they’ll come in handy.

Take this movie.  I saw it when my kids and I were on our annual summer visit to Chicago to see my mother.  My son Daniel, my daughter Leila, my mother, myself, and a good friend of my mother, the late Jean Harrison, all went to see the movie at the movie theater.  This was a number of years ago.  I’d known Jean since I was born – she was one of my mother’s scrabble buddies.

By the way, if you play scrabble with my mother you’ll have a very tough time winning.

Anyway, some of you may know that Leila has Down syndrome.  This means that it’s more work for her to learn things.  Her brother Daniel spent lots of time teaching her about sports he liked, such as hockey, soccer, and baseball.

I didn’t think Leila would understand the movie about a woman’s baseball league, but that she’s just enjoy the action and some of the relationships.  Well, Leila did understand what was happening with the game.  All the time her brother spent with her talking to her about the the baseball action they were working on at home paid off.  We were all really pleasantly surprised.  So, because Leila had picked up the knowledge about baseball, such as hitting the ball, running bases, home runs, she really enjoyed the movie.  It transferred to the story she was watching.

Those of you in network marketing probably know it’s important to have some skills before you need them, otherwise you might miss some great opportunities.  And it probably wouldn’t hurt to practice them so that when opportunities arise they come out naturally.  And doing this enough times can lead to success instead of frustration.

I learn a lot from Leila, although she doesn’t know it.  We’ve always had to break things down into small steps for her to learn the skills she needs.  Simplicity is always best.  The rest of us often need to learn our skills one step at a time, as well.  And that’s okay.  Tom “Big Al” Schreiter demonstrates in his trainings, too.

If it’s good enough for Leila, it’s good enough for me.  How about you?

Wishing you the opportunity to obtain mlm skills – you never know when they come in handy…

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer

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