Who would you use as an “mlm residual income expert for success” to advise your way to your goals? Someone who has old training? Someone who is no longer building a business? Someone who never built an mlm business but just writes about it and makes money selling you the information?My lovely daughter, who happens to have Down syndrome and who has more emotional common sense than most people, is having a weight issue. Now, I know what she’s eating and how much she’s exercising. Her weight is still going up and there’s no obvious reason.

We took her to her gatekeeper doctor and had a blood test – showing that her thyroid is normal. I challenged the office on that, but they insisted she’s fine and the thyroid is normal.
Well, I know something is wrong. We need to find what it is.
I have had a couple of doctors tell me, “Well as long as she’s happy…”
She doesn’t fit her clothes well, anymore, her ankle hurts, and she can’t do all the walking she used to. She can no longer do the back walk-over she learned in gymnastics that she was able to do for years. Her quality of life has diminished. She’s only 28.
I’m Mom. I know there’s something wrong!
I’m an expert mom enough to know that these so called medical experts can’t or just don’t think beyond the box of their own training. Often they just don’t have the time, but I believe the mindset is the biggest issue.

Well, I cannot afford to wait for the possibility someday this will change.

So what do I do?
I seek out an expert in alternative health to find out what’s really wrong with my daughter so she can be helped. Someone who is currently helping other folks whose other medical professionals are still “practicing” on them and aren’t helping. Someone who is successful now. By the way, he found a couple of low thyroid markers for my daughter, so I was right.

The same principle holds true in network marketing for mlm residual income success.

Why would I follow the advice of someone who just writes about mlm success, or used to build a team, or never did build a team. I’m going to someone who’s successful mentoring and building today.
That’s what we have with Mentoring for Free and my close friends and mentors Michael Dlouhy and Richard Dennis and Don Standard and Roxanne Green, among others. These fine folk are building successfully today and teaching many others how to do the same thing.
Wishing you mlm residual income success with expert mentors,
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