Do you want mlm residual income success – are you listening to hype? Are you tending to jump at any pre-launch, promise of big bucks right away, get in at the ground floor?  Maybe get in at the basement or sub-basement!

I wrote about this recently and have received a couple of comments saying that my article was interesting and then there was a link to a pre-launch.

The interesting thing about all these pre-launches is that they use the fear of loss as a method of enticing people in, i.e., you must get in now to get the big bucks.

Well, I ask again, why would you put money, sweat, tears, time into a company that isn’t proven – around for at least two years? Do you know the background of the people starting the company? Do they have a policies and procedures that will change, that are as long as a novel? Is the compensation plan going to change many times? Do they make deals?

Do you want to be in a company for a possible quick flash in the pan – maybe – or do you want to have long term residual income that will let you actually retire and not have to keep on working for the rest of your life, that will pay your children’s children?

There are so many scams out there – new ones every day. Check out MLM Google the company name or the head guru’s name and put [scam] next to it. Do your due diligence, protect yourself.

Questions? Contact me, check out Mentoring for Free to find out how to evaluate companies – download the free e-book Success in 10 Steps. Are you willing to throw away years of your life?

Wishing you mlm residual income success – are you listening to hype? – NOT! ,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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