How does mlm residual income success and frustration with Arbonne International connect?

Last week I was removed from the Arbonne International Yahoo Groups access. This is a place where people exchange information. The reason given was that some people came across some of my blog articles and considered that I was bashing Arbonne and that wasn’t good for the group.

Sometimes people do not want to look at the truth. When I point out clauses in Policies and Procedures and explain them relative to the 5 Pillars to Success model, there are many companies who do not measure up.

I understand that people have emotional attachments to their companies and the products. How do I know this? Because I had that attachment. I had a terrible time admitting the truth, that I could not be successful with the Arbonne business model.

The products are great. That doesn’t make me (and a lot of other people) any money.

I believe in network marketing. Arbonne is great at spinning the dream of long term residual income. The meetings are fun and exciting and rah, rah. They are very motivational. Motivation is an external thing. I would go home from the meetings and think, “now what?” I couldn’t change me on the inside.

I went into debt trying to build the dream. I could not turn myself into the person I needed to be to build it the Arbonne way. Most people cannot. I have spoken with and heard many other people just like I am – people who did what we were told, went into debt, but could not build the business.

These people, just like I was, wondered what was wrong with them! What’s wrong with me, that I could not build the Arbonne business with all these fabulous products. I had all the tools, I called people, bumped into people, gave samples. I now belong to the NFL – No Friends Left.

I could not be, and these other people could not be, the kind of person who is successful at the Arbonne business. I felt guilty. What was wrong with us? What was wrong with me?

Nothing was wrong with us. It is not our fault. We simply could not make money with that business model.

I have also pointed out language in the Arbonne policies and procedures that points to “ongoing” activities that Arbonne requires business that means that you cannot stop doing them and still expect to be paid. Whether or not the company would enforce that is debatable, but then why is it in there if they never intend to use it?

In addition, Arbonne states in at least 2 places that they can terminate you for no reason.

So, if I point out things that you should know as an Arbonne consultant and that you should know before you sign up, I am revealing what is true.

If I caution people not to get into debt like a lot of us have done trying to build a business we cannot build, I am providing a service. If this makes Arbonne consultants feel threatened in any way, that is not my intention.

I invite anyone who is frustrated with building their network marketing business with Arbonne International or any other company and anyone who is contemplating doing Arbonne or another company as a business, to use the Mentoring for Free system for skills training. Find out what makes up a company friendly to do business with – friendly to the distributor, not just to the company.

If you are a part-time networker, do you want to be paid for what you do? Most companies only pay the top 5%. I’d rather see all you part-time networkers be paid something.

When I say be paid, I mean that you earn money after all your expenses.

Sometimes we need to separate the products from the business. If you cannot do a particular business, find one at which you can be successful.

Contact me if you want the Mentoring for Free skills training information or if you want some personal coaching. We provide information on how to choose a company, how to work the company where you are, how to decide if you can. The cost of this? Well, it’s free.

Wishing you mlm residual income success through avoiding the frustration of trying to build with Arbonne International if you are not the right kind of personality,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
E-mail Wendy for network marketing or health coaching information
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