What is mlm residual income success to you? Is it to build the business and then be able to stop and go to the beach? Is to be able to will it to your children and your children’s children so that they can keep collecting the residual income check?

This is the promise, the dream of mlm residual income!

This is the visionĀ  that the mlm companies weave for us.

We’ve spoken before about the importance of reading your policies and procedures.

Those of you with Arbonne International who think you can have walk away residual income, think again. The frustration I see is found in section 3.2.1 Support

3.2.1. SupportIndependent Consultants must have ongoing contact and communication with the Consultants in their downline organizations. Examples of such contact and communication may include, but are not limited to: newsletters, written correspondence, personal meetings, telephone contact, voice mail, electronic mail and the accompaniment of downline Consultants to Arbonne meetings, training sessions and other functions.

The above paragraph was cut and pasted from the Arbonne document June 26, 2006.

I highlighted the word “ongoing” in red so that you would not miss it.

“Ongoing” means that you cannot stop. If you stop the company can stop your check. You cannot retire. So why would you want to build the business with this company?

And you cannot let people “interpret” what this means. It is what it is. It says what is says. The attorneys wrote it.

The attorneys work for the company Arbonne International and this language is not in the interest of the distributor.

I’ve talked to people about this and they are in denial about the consequences of this language. They have loyalty to Arbonne. I understand that. I did, too. I found it emotionally difficult to admit that I had to build somewhere else. That’s okay. The people who “get” it will be better off. The others may take some time to “get” it. We all hate to be wrong, don’t we?

Don’t get me wrong, Arbonne is a great company and has great products. I use some of them.

I could not do the business. Most of the Arbonne consultants I know also are not successful doing the business with this company.

My recommendation? Be a consultant to get the products at a discount. The prices are high anyway. Do the business with another company. People who are in denial – well, that’s their problem.

Do you know what characteristics make up a 5 Pillars Company? I’d be happy to teach you.

I invite you to the Mentoring for Free training calls. Why waste time and money in a company where you cannot stop and keep your check?

Wishing you mlm residual income success though avoiding the “ongoing” trap with Arbonne International and avoiding the eventual frustration caused by denial right now –

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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