When I think about mlm residual income success I think about the culture that a company creates. Some of this is dictated by the Policies an Procedures. Some of it is dictated by the compensation plan. The truth about Arbonne’s compensation plan is that it is a stair-step-breakaway plan.

What does that mean? When Arbonne shows the different levels of achievement and position status, it looks like a stairway. You qualifiy by producing so much in sales, whether you purchase it yourself or other people do. When you reach a certain volume in a certain time period, you can advance to the next management level. It’s actually more complicated than that, but the gist is there.

The breakaway comes if someone you sponsor builds faster than you and they pass your level. In that case, you lose much of or most of the volume they have created and your check drops. Ergo, unless you are building as fast or faster than they are, you lose out, you don’t get paid on everything.  To Arbonne’s credit, you can pick them up again if you build up to their level and beyond.  You haven’t lost them forever, as with other companies.

But what culture does this create? Well, a distributor who is passed by will either work harder, or tend to not help their recruits as hard, or will look for another company, or just quit the business.

Network marketing is an awesome business and creates mlm residual income, and I learned this from Arbonne.  But the truth is that a majority of the people are average part-time networkers who never make any money. The truth is that most of the people who sign up with Arbonne never make any money. They are just wholesale buyers and join to get the discount. Arbonne is great at weaving the dream of unlimited income, but the truth is, the vast majority of average part-time networkers will never have that dream realized with Arbonne.

Arbonne has great training and my experience was with the company that I really needed to change who I was. Arbonne says you have to work very hard. Well, that is correct. It is, after all, network marketing and not netplay marketing. But average part-time networkers do not have much of a chance. The compensation plan is too difficult to qualify for much if any money. And I know a lot of people, besides myself, who bought the next position and believed if we just got there the rest will follow.

What follows is debt.

The truth about Arbonne is that the products are great. It is a great company. But there are other companies where it is easier to earn that few hundred dollars a month that can be the difference between bankruptcy and no bankruptcy. By the same token, it would be easier to earn a legacy income where you can retire and live the life you always dreamed of.

I recall that I often heard at meetings/events that Arbonne International has the best compensation plan. I believed that. The truth is that it doesn’t. I learned through Mentoring for Free how to figure that out.

Remember, if you cannot make it with Arbonne, there is nothing wrong with you. It is not your fault. You need to make a distinction between the products and the business.

In order to gain the skills to determine if a company is right for you, or even right for anyone, I invite you to dial into the Mentoring for Free calls. The price is right for everybody – free.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. All of us at Mentoring for Free were looking for help. We received it and now want to help others. If there is a catch, it’s that helping other people makes us feel great and we build relationships.

Wishing you network marketing success via a culture of truth,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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