My mother is not in network marketing, has nothing to do with mlm residual income or lead generation. However, she fits into the “Full Circle” category.

How do I mean?

My late maternal grandmother Irene, mom’s mother, may she rest in peace, used to have a braille machine and transcribed books into braille for the folks with vision impairment.

My mother, now in her 80’s (she doesn’t want me to say exactly – can you relate?) recently had hip replacement surgery on her right leg. Since she couldn’t get out and drive herself till last week she spent time translating a book into an audio on tape for folks with visual impairment. She has a cousin who just lives on those audio books.

Anyway, what we’re seeing here is duplication of my grandmother’s contribution to society. Only the technology has changed. Mom never learned braille, but she can read and talk just fine. So much of my mother’s life has been totally different than my grandmother’s, but there has been full circle with this particular service. Can my mother teach others how to read and create new audio book tapes? Certainly.

I’m really proud of my grandmother and my mother for lots of reasons. This duplication put me in mind of network marketing. Success comes from duplication. You want to do the work right one time and keep getting paid for that, and be able to teach others to do the same.

The system has to be one that you can plug anyone into and that person can be successful. People are not duplicatable, but systems are. Of course, it helps if the system has a proven track record of success. And it is mandatory that the system is working today. And that you can do it, and show others how to use it.

I’m sure that braille books are being printed, or rather, punched all the time. But there are so many people today who need the audio versions who are visually impaired due to age-related issues and never learned, nor will learn braille. So, plugging people into creating audio books is current and duplicatable. And they can be successful doing it and feel good about doing a wonderful service.

Wishing you mlm residual income success by coming full circle with duplication,

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