So many times people equate falling in love with a product with mlm residual income success. They feel that if they love the product then everyone else will love it as well and they’ll have no trouble selling it.

This does not necessarily follow. In fact, it usually does not. More people fall in love with the product and can’t sell it.

Why is that? Well, It always goes back to a couple of things – 1) the Policies and Procedures, which details how you are to do the company’s business, and 2) the Compensation Plan.

How you are allowed to do business is dictated by the Policies and Procedures. The Compensation Plan.

How hard do you have to work to get paid? How long do you have to work to get paid? Do you get paid to retail or is the emphasis on recruit, recruit, recruit (also known as Vampire Marketing – new blood, new blood, new blood)? How many people do you have to have in your organization to make the money you desire?

If you love the product, great. Buy it. Buy it at a discount, if you can. But I would advise you to see if the business aspect is feasible for you if you decide your primary goal is to make money.

Find a company where the average part-time networker can make walk-away residual income. This means you can retire and still make money, assuming the company lasts. Anything less is a waste of time and money for you. Don’t you deserve better than that?

How you you find a company that fits this particular bill? Tune into the Mentoring for Free trainings. They’re free. They’re also generic – no company names are mentioned.  Or call me.

You can also download the free-book Success in 10 Steps.

Wishing you mlm residual income success through avoiding the frustration of falling in love with the product at the expense of the business opportunity,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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