In my last post on “Being a leader” I talked about “Googling” information and not asking anyone for the answers. Well, sometimes you have to get some team help.

I understood the general principle of using the Windows Movie Maker and the different things it can do. But when it came to actually finding everything and setting a few things up, my eyes glazed over and I got that little voice coming from the pit of my stomach saying – “help!”

I long for the good old days of written instruction booklets.

So I called a friend on my team, sideline to me, who has helped me before with the voice recording program and he, with lots of patience, walked me through.

Now this is the beauty of an extended team where everyone leaves his or her ego at the door.
Another close friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy, author of the e-book Success in 10 Steps and founder of Mentoring for Free says that a successful team has no room for greed and ego. My friend Kim gets no monetary benefit from what I do, but he’s a buddy and willing to help.

Not only did I learn how to find different tools and learn, finally, how to set up a file folder on the desktop, but my Kim discovered a few things he hadn’t noticed before. He said he could make use of those.

Also, speaking of team help, he knows I’m good for composing a jingle should he need one for his videos. I am, after all, the singing network marketer.

So being a leader does mean you solve problems. But every leader has other mentors and leaders and friends and you have to know when to ask for help, yourself. For some people that’s really hard. I’ll go over that in another post.

An extended team of persons with a variety of talents and expertise means strength. Strength of the team and, in turn, strength of the company.

The strength of the whole is always greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Wishing you success with MLM residual income and team help,

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