For network marketing success many companies and uplines host meetings and phone calls for motivation purposes that are designed to get their affiliates into action. Does that really work? And, what’s the difference between motivation and empowerment?

Motivation is an external thing. This is the “rah, rah” mentality reminiscent of a revival-style meeting, with upbeat, usually loud music, bright colors, and everybody on stage or giving testimonials is successful. There’s lots of stimulation. Most people are really “up” at the meeting or phone call except for the ones who are thinking “I can’t do that!”  I can relate to that.

Have you ever been on the motivation roller coaster? I have many times, so I can tell you from experience that’s when I left the meeting or call call all fired up, all pumped up, and when I got home or off the callI had that deflated feeling. “I can’t do that.” “What was I thinking!”

Have you ever had the experience that the motivation just doesn’t get all the way home with you? That’s the external. It doesn’t change you, it doesn’t make you feel you can “do it”. It often, if not usually, doesn’t last. It doesn’t empower you.

So just what is empowerment?

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary has 3 entries for “empower”.
1) To give official authority or legal power to (act on someone’s behalf)
3) To promote the self-actualization or influence, i.e. women’s movement has been inspiring and empowering women.

Well, from that I would surmise that in that last definition the gist would be empowering women to do or be something.

I like the word “empower” and the meaning enable. It implies that the power comes from the inside. It is quieter and more stable, long-lasting and stronger than motivation. It doesn’t flame out.

Since empowerment is internal, inside you, inside me, it can be woven into our beings. It can be acquired, inspired, nurtured, coached.

In fact, as a professional health coach, I very much appreciate how empowering people allows them to break through some of the blocks they have to improving their health.

How is that done? It’s through empowering messenging – it’s how we talk to the people we coach. Can that translate to network marketing coaching? Absolutely.

What kind of a message could you say? Without a complete coaching here, you could say something like, “You are a sensitive person who helps people”. “I see how committed you are to reach your goal”.

Do you want more information about messenging? Just let me know.

Wishing you networkmarketing success through using empowerment rather than motivation,

Wendy Weber, The Singing Network Marketer
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“Be a Mentor with a Servant’s Heart

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